It’s been an interesting week, had to cancel my holiday to Tunisia & i ran out of my precious lithium supply, but at least Ricky Gervais cheered me up last night (R.I.P) – Here’s some celebs who couldn’t make the event!

  • Sarah Palin’s Breath – Prepare to bow in eternal servitude!
  • Amy Winehouse Still knows wow to put on a (drunken) show
  • Charlie Sheen will always be my role model!
  • Seth Rogen Based ‘The Green Hornet’ on Paris Hilton – Dear God :(
  • Justin Bieber Hating Cat – Just look at the venom in it’s eyes!
  • Penthouse to release 3D pr0n channel later this year – There IS a god!
  • James Van Der Beek not just a talentless douchebag after all!
  • Danny DeVito – Bet you didn’t know he was spawned from a sofa!?
  • The Lost Boys – EVERY line of dialogue in this movie is Michael?
  • Keanu Reeves gets asked about the Sad Keanu meme on British breakfast TV (skip to 3.20).
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