Lets face it, being rich & having enough money to contemplate using it as toilet paper gets you the ladies (How i hate Richard Branson for this pic!). But does spending squillions on a 30 second TV ad during the Superbowl bring in the customers & push up sales…..and make you rich? Thats one for the gods to decide, personally i wanna go waterskiing with a nakie chick on my back…or a monkey. Hey! It’s MONDAY!!!

  • 20 videos played on the same page at once – Give it a try!
  • The Packers won the 2011 Super Bowl! Packers! Woo!
  • Eminem – Love or hate him, he gives a great Superbowl commercial
  • Super 8 – FINALLY we get a peek at Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi thriller.
  • Brain meltdown timeRandom Randomness to the Power of WTF
  • ‘At least you don’t have crabs!’ – Just s rather BIG lobster in your bed.
  • Non-Blinking Michael Caine – He’s not going to blink for 570 minutes.
  • Wheelchair Crowdsurfer – You so wanna drop him. But CAN’t :(
  • Things to try before you die – How To Torture A French Bulldog!
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