What can i say, i sometimes smoke! Didn’t cause it, can’t control it, can’t cure it…..*Wait. Thats something else! Anyway, i miss those hazy, smoke-filled days of lighting up at my desk, safe in the knowledge that, because of passive smoking, if i was gonna die, so was everyone else! I’m also addicted to drinking coffee, but that’s something else entirely….Anyway! It’s MONDAY!!!

  • Facebook Punchbaby! – You know you want to LIKE-LIKE-LIKE us!
  • Funny Weird Old Fucked Up Dude – Kinda says it all really!
  • Star Wars TV Intro – Hawaii Five-O stylee.
  • Captain America F#CK YEAH! – Now THIS is a film trailer.
  • Bill O’Reilly – ‘Food goes in, poop comes out’ – You can’t explain THAT!
  • Ribbed For Pleasure – Someone PLEASE get this girls a burger….FAST!
  • Evil Penguins – Yep, they truly are evil bastards!
  • I Am Number Four – Because 3 others died making this sci-fi film!
  • VW Moog – A vehicle inspired by electronic music.
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