IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep, it’s Monday again and a whole week without Rebecca Black, Charlie Sheen, and god knows who else. It begs the question, who the hell is gonna be next? At least the zombies haven’t risen up and demanded our brains as nomage…yet! As for me, i’m tingling with excitement over the upcoming royal wedding between what-his-name & thingamajiggy, it’s gonna be epic……*where’s my gun :(

  • EPIC LOTR LOLZ – Mr Frodo and his Middle Earth buddies making funny.
  • Deja Vu At The MoviesSomething is rotten in the state of Hollywood.
  • Dancing at the Apple Store…Like a Bwoss – This kid’s got skillz!
  • Unbelievable David Beckham – Kicks balls & drinks Pepsi like a twat boss!
  • How Internet Trolls Pick Up Girls. – Yep, they actually do. Honest.
  • First-Person Danger Cycle – Prepare to witness insanity!
  • Hit & Run Car Wash Prank – This is low down & dirty!
  • Zombie Fortress – Yep, it really does exist!
  • Fast Five (Fast & the Furious 5) – It’s coming real soon. Patience.
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