IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another week passes, we all grow older, the internet gets bigger, the time we spend checking out Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, BigMammas, Hotmail, Email and God-knows-what-else accounts takes longer and longer. The beginnings of an infinite loop develops, by the time we’ve finished checking everything we have to go through and check again…..Just to be sure. In short, there will come a point when you will never be able to log-off. Welcome to hell boys & girls!

  • Charlie Bit Me………The Horror – Damn, Charlie’s a zombie!
  • David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee – Just plain freaky
  • If You Don’t Have An iPhone – You are a nobody!
  • Why You Should NEVER Have Kids! – Apart from the obvious reasons!
  • Batman Beatdown On Vegas Strip – HOLY Dickwad!
  • INSANE Chin-Ups – Are you f#cking kidding me!?
  • Cats Are Taking Over The PlanetFear Them!
  • How to Stop Cats Peeing on Your Car – Without killing them.
  • Symbol (Shinboru) – Hitoshi Matsumoto – Welcome to hell
  • iPhone Girlz Reloaded – Phone-photo-posing-perfection.
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