IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s been a while since i have done one of these, mainlly due to the fact that, if you are currently residing in the UK, in May, then every time someone sneezes they announce a public holiday. Lemme tell you, it only takes a couple of these 3 day working weeks in a row and you find yourself suddenly questioning the origins of the universe and why the hell can’t you be doing working hours like this more often. Anyway, as far as i know there isn’t going to be another one for a few weeks, so lets ROCK!!!!

  • Kissing Like a Boss – This little kids got skillz!
  • A Southern Love Story On Facebook – Be VERY afraid!
  • Pomppufiilis – Any explanation of this mind-bomb won’t do it justice
  • The Accidental Hipster – Sometimes life can be cruel.
  • Raver Kid Reacts to Bin Laden’s DeathPriceless!
  • Bieber Mania – A Brilliant Impersonator and Some Lesbian Dude
  • Hardcore Parkour FAIL – “I Pooped Myself a Little” And so it goes
  • Rocket Test – Not sure what this guy had for dinner the night before
  • I Want… – Holy crap, talking cats! This is it, the end days are here.
  • The Art of Drinking Vodka – Taking excess to new levels!
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