IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, we are all still here, so i guess the rapture must have had a slight malfunction, or they are gonna release it in a 2.0 version sometime soon, with a camera and the ability to play flash, maybe? Either way, i am sure some of us are wishing the day of judgement ‘did’ happen as we pull our sorry asses into work for another week of toil & torture. Not me though, i LOVE Mondays’, best day of the week….It almost feels like …’Rapture!’

  • Girls Gone FAIL! – Does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • Crazy Woman or Wild Animal? – Some people have weird neighbors!
  • World Of Wifecraft – Are you married to a ‘level 70′ ?
  • Harvard Sailing Team – Hipster PlaylistToo cool for (pre) school!
  • Red Fang: Wires – Everything you ever want in a music video
  • Kitty After Dentist – Acting cool under the influence of general anasthetic
  • Arnie F-cked The Maid: The Musical – You know you want to click this!
  • Downasty – It’s Dynasty with Down syndrome
  • Cats in Tanks – The end of the world is nigh!
  • Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna) – OMG, boner alert!
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