IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, Monday, what’s it all about then, why do we have to endure this torture once a week? Well, the answer is simple – Monday is what happens ‘when’ you stop drinking cocktails….. Think about it, Friday night, you’re out at a bar and life is good, cocktails are being served and the world is a great place. Saturday comes and you think. ‘last night was great, lets do it again’, so you do. Sunday is kind of a haze and you surface briefly to feed, because you realised you haven’t eaten for nearly 48 hrs. Then you slip into a wonderful sleep and all to briefly Monday arrives. Bummer, eh!?

  • The Ninja Glock – Weapon of a Boss
  • eHarmony Video Bio FAIL! – It’s Debbie’s first time at internet dating
  • Bank Of America Raided By Deputies – Customer revenge is a biatch!
  • Hamster Of Doom – What’s that, you think he’s cute? WRONG!
  • A Family Portrait – Be afraid, be very afraid.
  • Cutting The Grass Like A BOSS! – Low fly-bys’ just got epic.
  • Fit For A Goddess – Elevating pole dancing to an art form
  • The Shark Whisperer – This chick is totally insane!
  • Jeebus Wept – A collection of blasphemous body art.
  • Driving Doggie – Your mind will be full of so many questions
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