IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s Monday……….Nuff said! Ok, maybe a few words about why the world is on the brink of a dark apocalypse, doom and gloom everywhere, you just know it’s coming. But am i bothered!? Nope. As long as we have Bruce Willis, everything on the planet is gonna be alright. Anyhoo, here’s some funny crap:

  • Hipsters <3 Crawbling – Skaters and BMXers move aside!
  • Artist’s Statement -The truth never lies.
  • ‘The Matrix’ Lobby Scene with Acapella – You know it’ll be good!
  • Chris Brown – Next To You ft. Justin Bieber – It’s the apocalypse.
  • Geo-Cosmos: Giant Globe OLED – Imagine watching pr0n on it.
  • CARP ATTACK – How to to scare the beJeebus out of small children
  • Pinkie Pie Brings the Noise – My Little Pony turns into full on rave
  • Crappy 4th of July – How far would you really go NOT to dishonor the American flag?
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