IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unless you were chilling on a cruise ship off the coast of Italy, it’s probably been a pretty relaxing weekend for you, kicking back and cringing as Ricky Gervais presents the golden globes. Time to add a little excitement to your Monday morning monotony with some super spicy web linkage!

  • Drunken Car Surfingdrunkenness is mandatory.
  • Golden Globes Gervais – We want blood!
  • Daisy Lowe Is The Best Dancer – Mainly ’cause she’s HOT.
  • Future Windows – All hail Samsung!
  • Makeup Tips: Casey Anthony Look – How to get that ‘killer look’.
  • Eastenders Deleted Scene – Bradley rises from the dead
  • Battlefield 3 Panic AttackMAV will save you!
  • Snowman Phobia – Don’t laugh. This is SERIOUS.
  • Segway Skates – Don’t laugh. This is SERIOUS.
  • The Raid Trailer – Awesome action movie.
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