IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another seven days has gone by and the big story this week is SOPA/PIPA and how after the collective will of the internet being expressed it is now about as popular as a one-legged ginger stepchild. Righly so! Thanks to the pravailing winds of common sense the LOLcats are safe. For now.

Anyway, enough news and politics, time for some links!

  • 28 Pics That’ll Change You Life – Truly life-changing
  • Squashing – I Feel Like A PancakeBroken spine time.
  • Ostriches: the New Planking – A sport for total idiots
  • The Penis GameFun for all the family.
  • He-Man Dance Party – The best episode they ever made.
  • Skyrim Pony Mod – Finally! A reason to play!
  • FDR – American Badass – What a guy!
  • Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse – Apparently it IS a mouse.
  • Moonrise Kingdom Trailer – Royal Tanenbaums, part 2!
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