IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Houston, we have a problem!” Nope it’s not a reference to Whitney, but the mourning of another weekend and the arrival of the working week. On a positive note though, it’s almost time to come out of hibernation, so to keep you going for the last few frosty weeks here are some delicious, nutricious links. Enjoy.

  • I’ll Call You Back – A classic holywood cliche supercut
  • Concrete Mixer Carousel – not exactly the greatest idea.
  • Dating Service Commercial – Satisfaction is not guaranteed…
  • Dubstep Hipster Cat – The coolest feline ever.
  • Nitro Bubble Fun – fun with exploding bubbles!
  • Creepy Singing Doll – Who knew Louis Armstrong was so creepy?
  • Slammin’ Abs – A gallery of women with washboards.
  • The Amazing Spiderman – This trailer makes it look awesome!
  • Obvious Engine Vision-Based AR – You SO need this for your phone!
  • Lady Mail Man – Confusing, things get awkward real quick.
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