IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, what a week that was!? Especially if you were a fully paid up member of the “We Hate KONY” fanclub. Apparently if you want to toe the official line now it means getting nekkid and fapping at traffic. Say what you want about old Joseph, but he’s never beat his meat over a Dodge Neon. Anyway, enough of that, time for some links.

  • Hunger Games – Coke – Better half-time ads than the Superbowl!
  • Urban Snowboarding – Boarding like a boss, WAY off piste.
  • Irresistable Irish Ladies – Rather delightul lasses from the emerald isle.
  • He’s Back!!! – Someone was mad enough to give Charlie Sheen work!
  • Arm Wrestle Fail – All the best vids make you feel queasy.
  • Meaning Of Life – As explained by Boomhauer from King Of The Hill
  • Squatty Potty – The gift that you didn’t even know you needed!
  • Electrified Urinal – Sounds like a painfully bad idea to me.
  • Totally Phantom Menace – It sucked even more than we thought.
  • Prometheus Trailer – Finally, a decent looking Hollywood film!
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