IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another glorious Monday morning. Time for some links!

  • Alarm Cat Trolls Mel Gibson – Knife vs cat. Place your bets!
  • Regrettable Tattoos – A gallery of terrible tats.
  • Lohan’s Still Got It – Cracked out but still hawt!
  • Baby Does Pullups – He’s better at it than YOU.
  • Tupac Hologram – OMG! He’s ALIVE!!! j/k he’s dead.
  • A Stroke Turned Me Gay – Great title and it just gets funnier!
  • Devon Tread Watch – A sweet-ass mechanical belt watch.
  • Yard Work On PCP – Multitasking with extra energy!
  • Looper Trailer – OHMYGOD. THIS. LOOKS. AWESOME!!!
  • It’s MONDAY – And you need some epic picture lolz
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