IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whether you’re at work, on holiday or revising your ass off for exams, I think it’s about time you stop what you’re doing and get your weekly dose of linky internet goodness. After all, they are all linked, the better you do in your finals, the less chance you have of getting a dream job and without employment there is no chance of future holidays. It’s a wonderful world. So get clicking before it all hits you.

  • Miss Travel – Can’t decide if this is genius or criminal.
  • Red Haired Heaven – A gallery of flame haired beauties.
  • Poledance On Fire – Not literally, she’s pretty damn hawt though…
  • Cat Versus Machine – The only hope against Skynet? your cat.
  • I Can Do Anything – Another awesome ad for Old Spice.
  • Ron Jeremy Keyboards – Not sure i get it, but I like it.
  • Poop Making Machine – Wait, what now? HAHAHAHA oh wow.
  • White Men CAN Jump – NBA star gets fully pwned!
  • Forbidden Fruit – Be honest. We all secretly fap to it.
  • Cosmopolis – David Cronenberg vs Robert Pattinson & it looks good.
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