IT’S TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It might not have quite the same ring to it as “IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, but thanks to the gods of bank holidays, yesterday was extremely relaxing and linkular distractions were not required.

  • You’re A Wizard, Harry! – Fun with dentistry anaesthetics
  • Kimbo Vs Blaine – David Blaine becomes a human punching bag.
  • Muscle Maidens – a picture gallery of beefy babes.
  • Han Solo Dancing – as played by Harrison Ford. Literally.
  • Watsky – Stupidass – the nerdy white rapper in his first music video
  • Bullet Glass Test – he must really not like his wife much.
  • Monday Tuesday Morning Dump – Want funny pics? Here you go..
  • Epic Cell Phone – Around the world on one charge.
  • I’m On Crack – It’s got dancing cats, it’s got Mario references.
  • Kate Upton’s 2nd Coming – Something’s rising at Easter, but it isn’t Jeebus.
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