IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time for our weekly linkdump. You can either use them sparingly throughout the week, one or two per day or you can use them all up now because, well, it’s monday so you probably need all the lolz you can get. It’s your call but I’d recommend the latter.

  • Kicked Your Monkey – Badly lip-read lyrics.
  • Fresh Prince Of Skrillex – The fresh prince dancing.
  • Needs Moar Cage – Whatever it is, it needs Nick Cage.
  • Fun For All – Kids & Grown-ups love it so – Leaf-blower.
  • Skrillex: Reviewed By Cute Kids – They really don’t hold back.
  • Akala In The Booth – It’s like rapping, but GOOD.
  • Transparent House – People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
  • Damnit She’s Pretty… – not a single pouty face in sight!
  • Pirahnaconda – Avengers? Nah mate, THIS is where it’s at.
  • Monday Morning Dump – All the best of the weeks funny pics.
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