IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeebus, how the hell did the weekend go so fast? I swear that god hit’s the x2 button on our life-remotes when it hits Friday night and doesn’t take his finget off until it’s Sunday evening. Bastard (and yes, i can say that because, if you think about it, who the hell was god’s dad?). Anyway, it’s time for our weekly linkdump, that precious moment to enjoy, when all around you on a Monday morning looks grim. Enjoy.

  • John Malkovich – Makes a funny in the latest Siri Advert.
  • Honest Trailers: Titanic – Refreshing as the icy waters of the Atlantic.
  • Magic Meerkat Moments – Don’t try this in a strip club.
  • Library Lover – Some people are into books, but this dude – WTF!?
  • Vagina Rules – OK no laughing at the back, this is serious.
  • Cat Trolling – Never trust a cat, however cute they look.
  • Diablo Nerd Rage – This self-mocking attention seeker – has a point
  • Use Condoms – You can use them to create sweet music.
  • Skrillex: – Reviewed By Cute Kids – ‘Wub-wub-wub’ – 3 men in a tub.
  • Monday Morning Dump – All the best of the weeks funny pics.
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