IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The greatest day of the week has rolled around again. All the tedious frivolity and drunken revelling of the weekend is over and it’s time to press your nose firmly back against the grindstone and enjoy what life is REALLY all about; slacking off. To help you out, here are a few links.

  • MW3 Dubstep Gun Sync – Salad UK gets musical with MW3.
  • Batman Blows His Cover – It doesn’t take Einstien to figure it out.
  • That Gotye Song – Even if you hate it, You love it.
  • Meanwhile In America – A gallery of pics mocking America.
  • “Coming Out To My Mom” – She wasn’t expecting THIS!
  • Skate 3 Lolz – Amusing skateboarding glitches and bails.
  • Chuck Testa ft. Sabotage. NOPE! – Awesome tune.
  • Nick Jays – Fastest fast food joint in the world.
  • Killer Sushi – Great film or greatest film?
  • Monday Morning Dump – All the best of the weeks funny pics.
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