IT’S MONDAY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The greatest day of the week has rolled around again and guess what, it was a bank holiday over in the UK, so Tuesday is the New Monday in the here. All the tedious frivolity and drunken revelling of the bank weekend is over and it’s time to press your nose firmly back against the grindstone and enjoy what life is REALLY all about; slacking off. To help you out, here are a few links.

  • Superhero Manatees – Strange but wonderful
  • Beer Bus Booty Slap – 10 Buttslaps in record time!
  • Trippiest Movies – Strange things are afoot…
  • Need Your Heart – Dubstep – Sweet moves, bro.
  • The Genesis Of D’oh! – Dan explains it’s origins.
  • WTF? – When no other acronym will do.
  • Avengers Bloopers – Greatest. Bloopers. EVAR!!!
  • EA Sports Guy – A voice-over tutorial
  • MONDAY TUESDAY Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
  • Pimp My Scooter – A scooter with a GODDAMN TRAIN HORN!
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