IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So Felix BumGardener has gone and flung himself out of a hot air balloon in the name of a diabetes inducing soft drink and made the rest of us feel like maybe we’re not making the most out of life. Well, I for one intend to get out there, seize the day and do all of that life affirming jazz, just as soon as I’m done with clicking on internet links…

  • Epic Technicolor Yawn – Violent vomming has never been such fun.
  • Dogs In Water – Strangely compelling viewing.
  • Prometheus Cola Ad – Turns you into a quenched abomination.
  • Perfectly Timed Pics – pics taken at precisely the right moment.
  • Red Hair Heaven – The most attractive day-walkers you’ll ever see.
  • Kinky Request – Flapping hands in water? SO HOT.
  • Dexter Morgan’s Lab – Saturday morning toons have gotten DARK.
  • Monday Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
  • Gym Battle Vs. Turkey – Welcome to teh intertubez. enjoy your stay!
  • Japanese Robo-fish – Courtesy of Skynet. SERIOUSLY!
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