IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So another week has whipped by, weekend in tow and left you staring bleary-eyed down the barrel of another delightful Monday morning. Depressing stuff, I know. Still, only 22 more sleeps until Christmas! Here’s one of our triumphant link dumps too, just to put a spring back in your step.

  • Parkour Fail – It’s all fun and games until this happens.
  • Skrillex Guitar Cover – Who knew it could be played on a guitar?
  • Leonid and Zodiacal Light – Sweet timelapse shenanigans.
  • Miranda Kerr – A gallery true fapworthyness.
  • Blob Launcher – this looks like so much goddamn FUN!
  • Facebook Law For Idiots – why not share and repost this instead?
  • Tesla Defence Game – Tesla was a freaking BADASS!
  • Bizarre Interview – the weirdest local TV interview. EVER!
  • Holiday Etiquette – Billy has terrible manners, but man is he funny!
  • Waitress Hat Trick Fail – It was all bound to go wrong…
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