IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you’re anything like me you will have completely lost your mind this week at the incredible news that the future king of England’s wanger is fully functional and capable of making babies. Aparently Kate Middleton’s been in hospital with morning sickness. If she’s going to rush to her nearest E.R. just for feeling a little queasy, how’s she going to cope with firing a baby out of her felopians? Anyway, here are some links to help you forget that mental image.

  • Louis CK On Farts – It’s all fun and games until you follow thru.
  • Disappointed Jailer – A ten stretch AND shame? Harsh.
  • Rreal Life Pixar Lamp – The cutest lamp there ever was!
  • Makeout Photobombs – A gallery of hilrious kisses.
  • Blob Launcher – this looks like so much goddamn FUN!
  • Star Trek Trailer – New Star Trek Movie time! OHGODYES.
  • Honest Dark Knight Trailer – Some good criticisms here…
  • Underwater Ballroom – One of Rapture’s nicer dancehalls.
  • Slomo Booty Punt – It’s simple but totally mesmerising!
  • Monday Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
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