IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So it looks like the worst of the cold snap is over, no more skiving off work and blaming it on snow, but on the upside at least it’ll be a little less testicle shrivelingly cold outside. Also, Punchbaby is still here, to help you through another case of The Mondays with a collection of amusing links from the Raw Kollective network of lolz. Enjoy!

  • SRSLY Low Flyby – guys get buzzed by a biplane.
  • how To Get Boys To like You – Jenna Marbles gives sagelike advice.
  • Obama Singing Sexyback – It’s not everyday the prez sings JT.
  • You Had One Job – So much cute it should come with a warning.
  • Box Spin 3 Game – an inexplicably addictive flash game.
  • The Bidet Test – Worth watching, just for his facial expressions.
  • Falling On Ice Montage – The ultimate schadenfreude compilation.
  • Mission Impossible – A dramatic cover of the MI theme tune.
  • Prince Harry Loves Ice Cream – Never one to miss out on a cone.
  • Monday Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
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