IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So that was the epic weekend that was (again) and now as the dusts of chaos slowly settle, the cold realisation of a Monday morning raises it’s ugly head and reminds you that it’ll be another 5 days before you can do it all again. Life can be cruel like that, a constant cycle of nature that touches life on all levels, reminding us that everything we do is micro-cosmic in the grand scheme of nature’s routine. Life’s a bitch, but mother nature is the queen of them all. Anyway, where was i? Oh yeah, here are some links to make you forget the pain.

  • Hamster Wheel Fail Redux – perhaps a little TOO much enthusiasm?
  • Kid Gets Surprise Of His Life – Errrrm. Weirdest kid EVER!
  • Creepy Baby Sock – That music would makeanything scary!
  • How To Defend Yourself – Learn to kick a small child’s ass.
  • Rejected Horse Names – I really wish these wereallowed…
  • Surgeon Sim 2013 – The most hilarious game ever made?
  • Punch Bag Fail – The 1st guy is bad. 2nd is worse!
  • Fish Out-Of-Water Dance – You heard it here first, folks!
  • MILF: Meme I’d Like To F*#k – This one is cute AND sexy!
  • Monday Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
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