IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Need something to take your mind off all those lame Oscar Pistorius text message jokes? I haven’t seen any, personally, but I’m sure they’re out there by now, and I’m willing to bet they’re about as funny as full blown aids. I’ve checked each and every one of the links below and can fully guarantee that they’re way, way funnier than full blown aids. If you don’t believe me, check them for yourself!

  • Deep Bass Beatboxer – How Low can you Go?
  • Best Goals Of 2012 – Pretty cool, even for soccer.
  • How It Feels – What it’s like to use Google Glass.
  • Man Versus Cactus – Like hearing a grown man scream? Click here!
  • Totally Hypnotic – Booty-shaking babes beat-synched to Hip Hop. Nice
  • 3Doodler – Want to doodle in three dimensions? zombies Now you can!
  • Pr0n Vs. Reality – If only life were more like pr0n!
  • Flatul-AT-AT -A simple gag, but a highly amusing one.
  • Monday Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
  • New York Biotopes – Awesome animation in an urban environment.
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