IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another Monday morning but this one comes with a silver lining, and boy is it shiny. According to certain sources, Whose Line Is It Anyway is going to make a comeback! But wait, there’s more! With Britain losing it’s AAA credit rating after George Osbourne staked his reputation on keeping it, the world’s smuggest git surely has no choice but to quit his job. How could today get any better? With some awesome links! Enjoy!

  • Ultimate Fighting Championships – Scariest Women in the world. Ever!
  • Adorable Spider – Pretty adorable, even for a spider.
  • Skrillex Drops One – Most musical bowel movement ever!
  • The Life of a Sound Engineer – Way cooler than it sounds, honest!
  • Party Sobriety Fail – Why would you want to be sober at a party?
  • Why Jennifer Lawrence Tripped – Another little mystery, solved.
  • Awkward Celebrity Kissing – Oh celebrities, you so awkward.
  • Breakfast With Sushi -Because cats deserve pancakes, too.
  • Monday Morning Dump – The best of the weeks funny pics.
  • Kate Moss <3 Rhianna – They’re obviously firm friends…
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