IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Try not to think about your week ahead, Monday morning is not the time nor place to be doing such things. Instead it’s the time and place to stare into the middle distance, drink coffee, and slack off by perusing time-wasting links on the internet. We have the latter for you right here.

  • Hank Azaria’s Commencement Speech – As his Simpsons voices.
  • Guy Throws up During Marriage Proposal – So romantic.
  • Who Needs 4 Wheels to Skate? – Not this guy.
  • Ozzy Man Reviews – A bunny vs. a dog.
  • Homer Simpson Plays Bass – He’s a total axe man.
  • Rooftop Climbing in the Snow – Terrifying to watch.
  • London Underground Space Shake!! – Star Trek invades the subway.
  • Doctor Strange Honest Trailer – Marvel’s latest is hilariously owned.
  • Stuff You Need To Know LadiesHow to wear leather pants.
  • Soccer Fans Want Their Penis Back – It’s very big.
  • Forever 500 – Weird Cyriak animation for Fiat.
  • Body Art – Danny Quirk’s awesome anatomy art.
  • Be Careful Before You Fap – Texas may issue a male masturbation fine.
  • Samuel L. Jackson’s Career in 10 mins – From Pulp Fiction from Pulp Fiction to Jurassic Park.
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