IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here you are again, back at your desk, back in the office, back staring at your computer screen. Wondering just what the hell you’re going to do to avoid any kind of work. Here’s one thing you can do, or many things you can do actually. You can click the links below and savor the weekend just that little bit longer. Or you can realize that it’s Easter Monday, a public holiday, and you are not meant to be at work. Idiot.

  • LeAnn Rimes – ‘I’d walk around naked if I could’.
  • Casually Explained: Alcohol – A guide to consuming alcohol.
  • Guy Laser Engraves The NHL logo On His Arm – Best lesson WTF.
  • Kim Jong un, Trump & Putin – Dance to Uptown Funk.
  • Know a Selfie Addict?This video is for them.
  • Duck Runners – Too cute.
  • Chicken Plays Piano – Very impressive.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Spoof United Airlines – With a hilarious commercial.
  • Stuff You Need To Know LadiesWhat to Wear to a Cocktail Party.
  • Jesus Escalator FailNailed it.
  • Sean Spicer + Muppets – Spicer the puppet becomes Spicer the Muppet.
  • New Thor! – Watch the first Marvel Thor Ragnarok trailer.
  • Ozzy Man on Cricket Nutshots – The Dick gods are bastards.
  • The 50 Greatest Gangster Movies – All the favs are here.
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