IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to buckle up and head into another week of all things daily grind. But to do that you really need to ensure that the weekend is truly out of your system. So, before you can pretend to concentrate on work-related matters you need a few more moments of sweet, sweet procrastination. And that’s why we’re serving you with the links below. Enjoy.

  • MILF Money – Kim Karadasian, Fergie, and more bring the MILF.
  • Falling Cat in Slow Motion – Cats always, always land on their feet.
  • If Inception wasMmade in 2017 – Predictable but very amusing.
  • News Anchor Totally Loses It – Bad day at the office.
  • Death Buy Lemonade – No onegets a free lemonade, no one.
  • Kit Harrington the Lost Auditions – Recently unearthed GoT audition tapes.
  • Deadpool vs. Anime Expo 2017 – Deadpool pranks some cosplayers.
  • Bill Murray with a Microphone – A suprisingly entertaining supercut.
  • 5IVEHOLE – Check out these custom jerseys worn by DJs and sports stars.
  • Clever Chimp Wants His Banana – He’s not giving up.
  • Poor People Roller Coaster – When you can’t afford Disney World.
  • Ladies Need to KnowHow to Wear a Leather Jacket All Year Round.
  • YES, GOD, YESAOL chat rooms turn a Catholic school girl sinful.
  • The Evolution of YouTube – Smooth animation showcases how the site’s evolved.
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