IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s entirely up to you how you decide to take on this Monday that is now upon you. You could use it to catch up on your workload, which would be the sensible thing to do. Or you could put off today what can be done tomorrow and cruise the links below instead. Choose wisely, choose links.

  • Bill Burr – Here’s his overpopulation solution.
  • Truman Show Background Actors – These are their struggles.
  • Shopping Channel Show Blooper – 7 inches of hilarity.
  • Game Of Thrones Theme – Played on a gayageumg.
  • In the Face Fails – A very funny compilation.
  • The Table Cloth Pull Trick 2.0 – Sheer talent.
  • Black Holes – Could they delete the universe?
  • Sequels Are Terrible – Except when they’re great.
  • Daredevils Show New York from Above – NYC as you’ve never seen it.
  • Ladies Need to KnowThe Best Affordable Wedding Dresses.
  • Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger – The horror, the horror.
  • Neil Young Goes Record Shopping – For Neil Young bootlegs.
  • 6th US Army Force – There might be a US Space Corps.
  • Every Song of the Summer Since 1958 – A very entertaining and thorough mashup.
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