It’s Fridaaaaaay! It’s Rebecca Black Day


You know what day it is, right? It’s Fridaaaaaay! It’s Rebecca Black day, the day she loves soooo much she has to mention it like a thousand zillion times in a pop song that manages to cover every annoying, soul-destroying teen pop slop cliché in the glittery pop sparkle book of cack. The only saving grace is the internet has stepped up and rinsed the shit out of her with some versions of its own. Behold…

The original version: How many times can you listen to this before your head explodes?

Actually, THIS is the original version: Bob Dylan croaks out this mournful track, making Friday feel more like a moribund Sunday evening. Boohoo.

Celeb Endorsement Friday Friday mash-up version: With Ice Cube and the gang toking it up. Hey, it is Friday after all. Woohoo!

Death Metal Friday: Noting would be complete without this :)

“Friday” (Brock’s Dub) : “In my very first dub, I lampoon “Friday” by Rebecca Black while it’s still relevant. I provided all the voices and sound effects. And yes, that’s my Christopher Walken impression. :)”

Chad Vader Friday: the force is strong in this one!

An to round off, here’s another melancholy version: This time courtesy of power balled, turtle-necked Matt Mulholland standing in a corner. Friday, what an absolute shitter.

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