IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WINNING! Last week was all about the guy who set a new Guinness World Record for fastest person to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. That’s right, the same dude who has tiger blood flowing through his veins and has spawned more remix videos than Dubya managed at his height of fail. The big question is will this latest internet meme make it through another week, or will the light that has shone so bright suddenly fade and…..get some rehab?

  • Bi-Winning Dubstep – Charlie “By name Charlie by nature”
  • The HORROR! – Charlie Sheen viewed unfavorably by Americans.
  • Charlie Sheen Remix (Eclectic Method) – The new meme-fix drug.
  • Charlie Sheen Says! – WINNING!!! We’re all winning now!
  • SHEEN WARS Mashup – Charlie Sheen’s Rant v Darth Vader
  • Sheen Is Winning! – Pretty much sums up what a god on earth he is.
  • Tiger Blood, Y’all. – “Charlie Sheen’s Got Tiger Blood, Man” – Apollo Run
  • Snake Charmer FAIL! – More snake blood than tiger blood!
  • iPad 2XL Hands On Review – 27 inches of pure viewing awesomeness!
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