The Karate KId 1983 Entire Rehearsal


If you grew up in the 1980s you’ll remember the original Karate Kid movies with their waxing on & waxing off and Miyagi & bonsai & bullies in skeleton halloween costume beating up Ralph Macchio. Well while they were making it, some clever buck decided to shoot each scene’s rehearsal with budget cameras so the actors could watch themselves back afterwards. Now it’s been edited together for us all to watch & get all whimsical about. It looks like a bunch of high school kids goofing around. Which i guess it was. Classic stuff.

Part 1: Daniel Larusso arrives in California

Part 2: He meets the amazing Ali Mills….and gets a black eye.

Part 3: Mr. Miyagi introduces him to bonsai.

Part 4: After beating the crap out of the Cobra Kai students Mr. Miyagi (Meee-aaargh—geee) agrees to teach Daniel karate (K-Ra-Teeee).

Part 5: Now the good stuff begins….”Wax on…wax off!”

Part 6: More training…”Breathe in, breathe out……up-down, up-down…all fence”

Part 7: Daniel finally learns what all that free DIY work for Mr. Miyagi was for.

Part 8/9: Mr. Miyagi gets wasted.

Part 10: Daniel scores BIG and gets to choose a car for a birthday present.

Part 11: The day of the all-valley tournament arrives.

Part 12: Getting through the rounds to the semi’s…

Part 13: “HOLD ON!!!……..Daniel Larusso WILL fight!” – Be honest, how many of you have tried the ‘Crane technique’?

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