Become a Binaural Rock Star


Ever wondered how it feels to be moments away from stepping onto the stage and performing in front of a roaring crowd? Sony is inviting you to immerse yourself in this electrifying atmosphere. Enjoy a multi-dimensional journey featuring a seamless mix of fast-paced imagery, combining photography and ground breaking three dimensional sound. Grab your headphones and join this exciting audio-visual journey created using 3-Dimensional sound – technically known as binaural – that will make you experience rock stardom.

Want to know how this was done? Meet the men behind the magic. The sound designer is a world leading expert in binaural sound, Nick Ryan. He is a multi-award winning sound designer and audio media specialist widely recognised as the world’s leading binaural sound expert, and was in charge of designing and recording the binaural soundscape for this project.

This piece was produced by employing the technique of binaural sound, where sound is recorded using two microphones arranged in the same distance as human ears are apart, to create a sensation where the listener hears like they were actually in the room with the performers or instruments or sounds they are hearing.

The sound designer in this project used ‘dummy head recording’, where a mannequin head is fitted with microphones in each ear, to record the sounds you hear in the piece. A binaural recording is intended for replay using headphones and will not translate properly over stereo speakers.

This year alone he has created binaural campaigns for Nike, launched a real time 3D audio iPhone game with no video and interpreted a novel into an audiobook –

Complementing Nick’s sound design is photographer Andrew Scriven, who was a finalist in the SWPA 2011 Open category and was chosen to take part in this project because of his attention to detail and consideration he puts into every shot. He is British and previously worked as an Analyst in the city of London.

He gave up his job to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer and recently took a 12 month journey around the world which took him to Antarctica, on-board a 3 mast tea clipper where he captured the photos which lead to him being a finalist in SWPA.

For more information about how you can start using this amazing technology check out this information pack and see how it is all done.

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