A Letter To Sir Richard Branson – Stop Supporting SeaWorld!


Richard Branson, shame on ye. The self-made ker-squillionaire and ex-hippy flower child has been acting like a hypocrite selling tickets to SeaWorld through his business Virgin Holidays—and he says he’s a fan of the orcas and the animals of the underwater kingdom, yet he’s happy to make a profit from people gawking at these poor creatures in captivity whose lives are no doubt miserable.

Keeping orcas in tanks for ‘entertainment’ is NOT conservation. It’s NOT education. It IS cruel and it has to stop.

Tell Sir Richard Branson to stop Virgin Holidays selling tickets to SeaWorld. Watch the film and make sure you sign the petition and share. share, share! #dontbeadick

Holiday companies like Virgin are members of ABTA, the UK Travel Association.

ABTA’s guidance states:

“animal handling and contact by the public should be discouraged.”

“animals should be able to escape other individuals, public view and interaction at all times”

“performances… should only involve natural behaviours”

So why are these trips still being offered to the public? Why are the likes of Virgin Holidays still profiting from the cruel captivity industry?

Sir Richard, you claim to be an environmentalist concerned with whale conservation. WE THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER.

Captivity is NOT conservation. It’s NOT education. It’s NOT fun. It IS cruel.

If you want to get close to the wonders of the ocean then go and see orcas in the wild.


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