Bizarre Music Video Gets Meta as Director Inserts Himself into the Story


This music video is very meta indeed. It’s directed by Keith Schofield for musicians Stylo G and Jacob Plant. It starts off with a weird premise, a world where people who have no legs sees a bunch of guys chasing a pair of women’s legs—it’s then revealed that this is in fact just a music video being watched by people on YouTube. People who have no legs. People who go out to protest at the sexist video they’ve just watched.

But then it pulls back again and we’re shown that this is all part of a music video being shot, as the camera reveals the director Keith Schofield sitting next to Stylo G and Jacob Plant who shoot him a look of disapproval. It then ends with Schofield going home, reading bad comments on YouTube about his vid, then sitting in bed staring at the ceiling. Yep. Weird!

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