IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No Charlie Sheen again, i’m beginning to get worried about him, he did make a very brief appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and gave him a full-on-chubby kiss on the lips. – bi-polar, bi-winning & bi-sexual. WINNING! As for Rebecca Black, she is the NEW Charlie Sheen, with a new video appearing every day (especially on ‘Friday’) from her fans/admirers/haterz on YouTube. Fear her!

  • ‘Friday’ – The quintessential Rebecca Black collection.
  • Axis Of OMG! – Unseen footage of the Sendai tsunami
  • “Let Go Luke!” – Jedi’s chilling out and playing badminton.
  • Eye Of Sauron It’s real, it’s alive & it’s in your office!
  • ‘Mean Kids’ – The b#stard child of Rebecca black & Casey Haynes :(
  • Dog’s Dinner – Two Dogs Dining in Busy Restaurant – Barking mad!
  • Mortal Kombat Pervert – So this is why Smoke hides behind those trees.
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