IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not Friday!)


It’s been a whole week and not one video from Charlie Sheen. WTF!? Should we be organizing some sort of candlelight vigil on Twitter or something? But his ‘winning’ attitude does seem to have had an effect on some people in good and ‘bad’ ways, from Casey Heynes to Rebecca Black. We live and learn people…

  • Bullying Victim Casey Heynes – From zero to hero.
  • The Original – Bullied Kid Fights Back. Video.
  • Bullied Kid Fights Back – The video game.
  • Rebecca Black Death Metal ‘It’s Friday’ version – Awesome!
  • The Girl In Pink Speaks – The awkward dancer in the “Friday” video
  • Unplugged – Rebecca Black performs an AutoTune-less version :(
  • They’re Raving, They’re Raving – Totally Unrelated.. Just bloody funny!
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