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Monday, August 21st, 2017

The Employment—A Poignant Short Film About Work Culture

This seven-minute animated short, handpainted with watercolors, is titled El Empleo (“The Employment”) and captures contemporary notions of productivity through the life of one man on his way to work. Directed by Santiago “Bou” Grasso a Santiago, Argentina, film director the piece turns the human form into lamp posts and tables and chairs.

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Music Video Imagines a World Within a Penny Arcade

A new music video animated by director Uri Lotan for band Jane Bordeaux’s “Ma’agalim” follows a lonely doll in an old penny arcade, who is fated to walk the same old rotating path, peering at the same mechanized people all day long. But soon things change and the doll’s life becomes much more interesting.

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Watch ‘X-STORY’ a Silent Animated Short that Will Blow You Away

The animated short X-Story by Vitaliy Shushko has no dialogue and you don’t even get to know the name of the protagonist, all we know is that he’s following the X. But you don’t need to know any more to enjoy this anime short which took two years to make. Because it’s a visual treat [...]

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pool’ Sung by Rick an Morty

Good news for Kendrick Lamar fans who also love Rick and Morty because the two combine in this well-crafted mash-up which comes courtesy of Adam Schleichkorn. ‘I’ve been searching for the perfect song for my first Rick and Morty mashup for months, and dammit, I’m pretty sure I’ve found it.’ says Schleichkorn And it’s hard [...]

Friday, June 30th, 2017

‘Makin’ Moves’ – Trip Out To These Freaky Dance Animations

There’s some clever and cunning visuals going on in this video by animator Kouhei Nakama. The visual art director uses various techniques, generative and particle-based, to turn dancers into all manner of morphing, freaky images as they swim across the screen or become a type of Russian nesting doll.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

The True Story Of Andy’s Dad & Woody’s Origin

There’s a longstanding mystery surrounding Pixar’s Toy Story movies and that is just what happened to Andy’s dad? You often see Andy’s mom in the movie trilogy, but you never get to see Andy’s dad. Well now this video from SuperCarlinBrothers claims to have found out what happened to him, after the secret was [...]

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Animator David Lewandowski is Back with More Weird CGI Dancing Bodies

Back in 2011 animator David Lewandowski released a strange but hilarious CGI video of a man walking down the street. It was called Going to the Store and the man wasn’t walking normally but was instead twisting and convulting his body in the most odd and unnatural ways possible. Lewandowski released a follow up in [...]

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Watch the New Official Trailer for South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Fans of South Park can welcome the news that South Park: The Fractured But Whole video game will be available this fall. It follows on from previous South Park game South Park: The Stick of Truth, which took a fantasy-inspired bent. This new game deals with superheroes with the characters turning into them.

Friday, June 16th, 2017

Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland’s Drunk Rick Method Acting

There’s method acting and then there’s Rick and Morty showrunner and voice actor Justin Roiland. In a video released by Adult Swim Roiland is filming a scene for the season 3 and doing his drunk Rick. But to totally get in character he necks shots of tequila. So many that he has trouble remembering his [...]

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Listen to He-Man Rap DMX’s ‘Party Up (Up In Here)’

If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember He-Man from the awesome 1980s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. But one thing you would have never seen before, is that same He-Man from the cartoon performing DMX’s 1999 hip hop classic ‘Party Up (Up In Here)’—but all that will change when you watch [...]

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Freaky Visuals ‘Archive the Human Legacy’ in this Experimental Animation

If you were looking for something that was both visually stunning to look at while also being completely freaky and WTF, then you’ll have found it in this experimental animation by Baron Lanteigne. Lanteigne calls it “a piece about our collective effort to archive the human legacy” but you can take it as straight up [...]

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

‘The Pixar Theory’ States That all Their Movies are Connected and Part of the Same Universe

You may or may not have heard of The Pixar Theory, which was first proposed by Jon Negroni. This video further explores the idea, which is basically that all the films are connected and take place in a shared universe. Not only that but all the action that takes place in the films happens chronologically [...]