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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Showry, the South Korean Food Pr0n Satirist, Wishes You a Happy 2016

In South Korea there’s a whole subculture devoted to “food porn” where men pay to watch women eat food. That is, of course, weird enough already, but to make things extra weird is Showry, the YouTube star who satirises food porn by filming herself writhing around in ketchup and all kinds off edible goods.

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Get The Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems…

Kids, they have it tough. The world of dating is a pain in the A and they should know. So, if you think your love life is a mess then just spare a thought for these poor souls, having to navigate the complex world of modern relationships. All while having nothing stronger to drink to [...]

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Summer is Coming – Bikini Girls on Beach

Let the sounds of Calavera & Manya’s “I Feel (Siente Me)” distract your ears while your eyes are entertained by the sight of women in bikinis. Yes, summer is coming. Hopefully. Which means long, lazy warm nights, barbeques everyday, a skip in your step, and most importantly, women walking around in skimpy swimwear. Life suddenly [...]

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

The Amazing World of Women

Yep, women are pretty amazing, especially when they’re wandering around with a background of ambient music in a bikini with water splashing all over them, in slow-motion, or dancing at a nightclub in skimpy clothes. Unfortunately the reality for most of us isn’t really reflected in this, but hey, we can but dream.

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Best Party Ever

Not sure how you get an invite to a soiree like this, but it probably makes your own parties look incredibly tame by comparison. Unless, it’s not a party at all and some how this person’s managed to sneak a camera beyond the gates of heaven and this is what it looks like up there, [...]

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Kittens Droppin’ Beats

When you think of dubstep you don’t immediately think of cuteness, but Corridor Digital have managed to do just that by combining kittens and dubstep to create a video where kitty’s leap about looking all adorable while thumping dubstep hammers away in the background.

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Street Fighter: Xtremely Cute Edition Will Make You Puke Rainbows

There’s no Ryu versus Blanka here, instead it’s cute babies versus dogs or two koalas kissing, in the most adorable beat ‘em imaginable—so that means no hadoukens to lay waste to your opponents and you could barely even call what’s going on fighting, more like hugging and general kindness.

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

#ExoBaby: Hyundai Use An Amazing Baby To Promote Their Latest Technology

Sometimes commercials can be awesome in how they convey a message, this is one of those times. Mostly with newborn babies you dress them in a onesie, the all-in-one bodysuit that ensures they’re kept warm and relatively dry but means you can also get access to their diaper quickly when you need to.

Monday, December 8th, 2014

eBay Christmas 2014: ‘The Joy of Giving’

Dust away all the glitter and the tinsel, put aside the turkey and the trimmings because Christmas is all about giving. That’s what makes it such a great time of year. Sure, some eggnog, or mulled wine’s great for a glass or two and everyone loves a mince pie, but there’s no greater feeling than [...]

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

What Would We Do Without Women?

Well, for a start we wouldn’t be here because we need them to help the species keep on keeping on. But, that little note aside, we also need them to do silly stuff so we can look and laugh and think how endearing they are. Then go off and do something even dumber ourselves. Oh [...]

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Who’s Your Buddy?

When you choose a buddy, just make sure they are the real deal! Just like Buddy the dog, the good thing about him is that he’s the sort of pet you could get if your skills at looking after animals aren’t up to scratch. Like, you forget to feed them for instance. The bad thing [...]

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

The Art Of Remembering

Do women in lingerie jog the memory? Who knows, so what it has to do with the art of remembering is anyone’s guess, but let’s not get bogged down in semantics, not when there’s videos to be watched. By the time it’s ended you won’t be able to remember what it was you came on [...]