Guy Tries to Make Worst Hip Hop Song Ever, But It Turns Out Great


Redditor thetrue23 was tasked by his buddy to make the worst hip hop song he could muster for a movie, so he did what any friend would do. He stepped up to the challenge and gave it his best shot. The thing is, he failed and won all at once. Because in attempting to make complete garbage he actually made something that turned out pretty good, in a kind of fun lighthearted kind of way.

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Honest Exercise Machine Ad Show Hows You Really Use This Type of Equipment


In the latest video from College Humor they brilliantly and amusingly spoof how many of us end up using the home exercise machines we spend a small fortune on, then never actually workout on. The idea is that you’ll be having regular workouts and have some six pack abs in no time.

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‘Groundhog Daying’ Sketch Pays Homage to the 90s Classic


Comedy duo Chris and Jack’s (Chris Smith and Jack De Sena) latest sketch sees Jack realise Chris has been doing something called “Goundhog Daying’. Which, like the Bill Murray movie from the 1990s, involves repeating the same day again and again. And again. Which naturally inspires Jack to ask Chris a bunch of curious questions.

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Watch the Latest ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ From Jimmy Kimmel


With the current president of the United States the reigning champ when it comes to mean tweets about, not just celebrities, but everybody, it’s hard for the rest of the internet trolls to keep up. Still, that doesn’t mean watching celebrities read mean tweets about themselves is any less hilarious.

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iPhone X by Pineapple is Rudy Mancuso’s Hilarious Apple Parody


The world is ready for the next really expensive product, notes Rudy Mancuso’s Steve Jobs spoof character in this amusing parody of Apple’s latest, and priciest phone yet, the iPhone X. Due to the pompous nature of Apple’s commercials these types of mocking videos are always welcome, so we can all laugh in the face of how ridiculous all this new tech is.

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People Are Awesome: Girls Edition


People are Awesome celebrate all the amazing women and their epic skills, skills in everything from skimboarding and cliffdiving to weightlifting and gymnastics. All their phenomenal feats are collated for this compilation from the YouTube channel that’s dedicated to showing people doing all kinds of awesome and extraordinary activities.

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Just How Historically Accurate Is Saving Private Ryan?


From the opening and harrowing scene depicting the Normandy landings, the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan’ has been widely praised for its unflinching depiction of war. But, actually, how well and how accurate did it show the events of D-Day?

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Why this Bit in Passion of Christ is the Best Scene in the Movie


There are a lot of video channels on YouTube dedicated to doing a bit of chin-stroking about popular culture. Often exploring in it terms of cultural analysis, looking at how, say, Rick and Morty addresses the philosophical ideas of absurdism. Well, if you like those you’ll like the latest from channel The Greatest Movie Moments in the Universe Ever.

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Narcos Season 4 and the Rise of the Mexican Cartels


The hit Netflix series Narcos saw it’s third season drop, which followed on from the death of Columbian cocaine kingpin and Medellin Cartel leader, Pablo Escobar. With him gone a new group rose to power, the Cali cartel led by the ‘four kings’ Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, his brother Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, Pacho Herrera, and Chepe Santacruz Londono.

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The Latest Makeup Trend is ‘Kindness Brows’


There are so many makeup trends going on it’s hard for an individual to keep up. But forget about whatever else is happening, because there’s only one you need to know about. And that’s ‘kindness brows’ which are detailed in this video. As the name suggests the trend is about using your eyebrows to spread a little kindness around the world.

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The Future of Space Telescopes


The universe is a vast and mysterious place, so vast and so mysterious that it can seem like we’re never going to understand all of it. While that may be the case, we no doubt will unlock many of its secrets and to do that humanity is going to need some seriously good technologies and space telescopes that can look deeper and more succinctly into space time than we currently have.

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