The World’s Greatest Internet Troll Explains his Craft


Ken M., if you haven’t heard of him, is one of the world’s great internet trolls, hitting up comment sections and Facebook with his inanity to goad people with dumb ideas that just aren’t true. In this video Vox interview the man behind the laughter, although his identity is still concealed. We do know he’s in his late 30s though and likes to wear a hat.

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Elderly Japanese Ladies Dancing to Bruno Mars


As a testament to the power of a Bruno Mars song, the melody of his latest track ‘24K Magic’ is so potent that it’s even inspired some elderly Japanese women to put on their kimonos and bust some shapes. Aged 61, 59 and 56, the three women show that age is just a number as they thrown down some choreographed moves.

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A Multi-instrumentalist On the Acoustics of PVC Pipes


Nicolas Bras is a multi-instrumentalist who shows in this video that you don’t necessarily need expensive musical instruments to create incredible sounds. Bras explores the sounds and musical possibilities that can be created from raw materials, diverted objects, and recycled materials.

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The Hidden War Over Grocery Shelf Space


Amongst the shelves of the supermarket a hidden war is being waged, a war for shelf space—it comes down to what’s called ’slotting fees’ which are fees that manufacturers pay to retailers to get themselves on the shelves. Launching a new product onto the shelves of a supermarket can cost millions, and these fees are what shape what supermarkets sell and so the nation’s diets.

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Exploring Korea’s Illegal Tattooing Scene


Tattooing is actually illegal in South Korea but that hasn’t stopped artists from setting up studios—however to practice it they need to have a doctor’s license. Plus getting a tattoo is a big taboo in the country and is generally frowned upon by society.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was a long weekend and that means it’s especially difficult to get back in the mood for work. You’re probably still burping up turkey and cranberry sauce, you’ve probably got turkey for lunch—all week. Well, in your fog of overindulgence ease yourself back into the working week with the links below.

  • Futurama Live Action – Watch the trailer.
  • 808 Documentary – The legendary Roland TR-808 drum sequencer.
  • True Scale of Nuclear Weapons – Totally terrifying.
  • Slow Mo Walking Away from Explosion – The homemade version.
  • Tortoise impersonating Owen Wilson – All you can say is ‘Wow’.
  • Car Exhaust Explodes in Guy’s Face – That didn’t go well.
  • Underwater Flatulence in 120fps – Art at its best.
  • What Some Prank Comedians Deserve – These were inevitable.
  • Dr. Strange as 8-bit Game – Mind-bending nostalgia.
  • The Jaws of Revenge – Jaws as a thriller and no shark.
  • When Nigel Farage Met Donald Trump – The two really connected.
  • New Apple Book Delivers Something Extraordinary – Just amazing.
  • If Harry Potter Characters Had Facebook – Your fav teen magicians on social media.
  • Scale Model of the Solar System Built in the Desert


    Filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh build a scale model of the solar system on a dry lakebed in Nevada. Using a 7-mile stretch of Black Rock Desert the duo lay out the sun, which is a little bit bigger than a pilates ball, Earth is a tiny blue marble, and even Saturn and Jupiter could easily fit in the hand.

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    OK Go’s ‘The One Moment’ is a Blink and You’ll Miss it Music Video


    They may make mediocre music, but OK Go’s music videos are spectacular—their latest one called ‘The One Moment’ follows in this tradition but is all over in just 4.2 seconds. So it has to be watched in super slow mo to, not only allow a song to actually accompany it, but also to see what the craziness was you just witnessed. It was all shot in real time too as buckets of paint explode, balloons pop, and guitars shatter. And it took a LOT of planning.

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    Learn Self Defense the Solid Snake Way And Never Feel Vulnerable Again


    Obviously there’s an art to taking out your attackers before they even know you’re there, and Solid Snake is a master of that, so who better to learn self-defense from? OK so he may be a bit over the top for standard self defense, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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    Watch Lego Stranger Things While You Wait for Season Two


    The huge buzz that surrounded Stranger Things has faded now that summer has turned to autumn, but fans of the show are just hibernating until they can get their hands on season two. Until then you can remember the first season with this Lego recreation, which sees various scenes remade with the stop motion toy bricks.

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    Watch the Trailer for Scorsese’s Latest Epic-looking Film ‘Silence’


    The trailer for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming movie has just hit the internet and it looks great. It stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Liam Neeson as Christian missionaries in 17th century Japan. In Japan it was a time when Christianity was outlawed and the presence of missionaries forbidden. Garfield and Driver head to the country to look for their missing mentor Neeson.

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    8 Houses That Are Zombie Proof


    Zombies might not actually exist…yet, but you never know when they might suddenly be created so the motto is: be prepared—and part of that preparation should be finding a suitable place where you and your loved ones can lock yourselves away from the zombie hordes and hole up while the world turns to ruin.

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