Jack Nicholson and the Art Of Anger


YouTube channel Nerdwriter’s (aka Evan Puschak) latest video essay takes a look at Jack Nicholson, focusing specifically on the fact that many of his characters seem to be very angry. Characters that are subject to sudden and dramatic outbursts of rage. And those outbursts take many shapes and forms.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s that time of the week again. The time for you to start staring blankly at your computer screen and wondering when you’re going to slope off to make another coffee. Even though you’ve only just finished one. Still, you need to be alert because there are lots of links to look at. See below for those. See the coffee machine for more caffeine.

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Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?


Many of us can’t function without consuming a morning cup of coffee on the way to work (or two or three), but ASAPScience question whether or not you’re actually doing it right—and so whether or not you’re getting the most out of it to kickstart your day. It all has to do with your circadian rhythm and whether or not you’re disrupting its natural flow.

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A Pest Controller Has to Deal with a Unique and Troubling Infestation


If your job is to go around people’s house and exterminate unwanted bugs, chances are you’re going to bear witness to some troubling and nasty sights. But nothing can prepare you for what this poor woman has had to endure. Her house has become overrun with…musicians. Yep, in this sketch from Nocturnal Emissions they amusingly imagine a woman having to call the pest controller to get rid of an infestation of musicians.

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He’s Only a Teen but This Kid is Already Building His Own Motorcycles


YouTube channel Petrolicious meets Haven Jarel, a teenager who lives with his dad in a warehouse rammed with custom bikes, and a huge amount of tools. He’s not interested in TV or video games, but although he’s only a teen he can already build an award-winning motorcycle.

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Introducing V.I.Poo – An Amazing New Pre-poo Toilet Spray


Forget about trying to get rid of that contemptible stench after the crime of you decorating the toilet bowl with your digested dinner. That’s too little too late, the person who has to use the office toilet after you will tell you that. Instead Air Wick has invented a pre-poo spray, and it doesn’t appear to be a joke, which you use before you lay a turd and it aides in alleviating the smell.

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An Instructional Video on How to Fly With a Baby


As anyone who has attempted it will know, flying with a baby can be a fraught and traumatic experience for the parent. Any advice is greatly received, so if you’re a parent who’s due to fly check out the latest ‘How to Dad’ tutorial from New Zealander dad, Jordan Watson, and his adorable daughter.

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Race Car Driver Takes Terrified Girlfriend For A Spin


A Slovakian race car driver shows his girlfriend what he does in the day job, and it seems she’s somewhat freaked out by it. Which is totally understandable, and totally readable on her terrified face as he whizzes along careering around the track, screeching across corners, no doubt secretly enjoying showing off.

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100 People Show What It Looks Like When They Cry


Cut video have previously shown what 10 strangers’ O faces look like and what people look like when they’re kissing. Now they’ve filmed 100 people crying in the latest iteration of their “100 People” series, so we get to see what old and young look like when they’re bawling their eyes out.

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The Best End Credits in Movie History


Thanks to the Marvel movies and the like, audiences are used to staying in their seats to watch a post credit scene. And it’s because we can’t get enough of the movies when they end that we want more. Filmmakers have always known this though, whether they’re linking us to a new movie, giving us a gag reel, or doing some post-modern reflection on the film itself.

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A Video Tribute to the Coen Brothers


If you’re a fan of their work, the films of Joel and Ethan Coen are some of the finest that modern Hollywood has produced. Not only are they prolific filmmakers but their movies have won over audiences, won awards, and enjoyed both critical and commercial success.

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