News Bloopers Featuring People That Are Totally High


News bloopers are undoubtedly funny and people who are high are, on the whole, undoubtedly funny. Providing they’re not freaking out because they think their thumbs are shrinking, of course. And this compilation from YouTubers NewsBeFunny combines the two, so it is of course undoubtedly funny too.

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Norwegian Guy Creates Mechanical Device That Runs Forever


The perpetual motion machine is a device that has alluded scientists for centuries. Since around the 1100s people have been trying to create something that could run indefinitely without any external energy needed. And it looks like Norwegian artist and mathematician Reidar Fins has created such a thing, or at least he thinks he has.

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How to Make Techno in Just 6 Easy Steps


Making techno music may seem daunting and difficult for the uninitiated, but don’t let that put you off. Because as this video proves it is in fact very easy, indeed. And this ‘how to’ guide will show you just how easy it is by breaking it down into just 6 simple steps. Firstly you’ll need to get hold of a Macbook and a copy of Ableton Live.

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The Friend Zone As A Horror Movie


Anyone who’s suffered the no man’s land that is the friend zone will relate to this reimagining of what it’s like. The video plays it out like a horror movie. If you’re after romance and instead are ‘just a friend’ then it is a horrifying place to be. And this vid turns it even more harrowing by having the friend zone a seemingly inescapable place.

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Suicide Olympics—Or How You’re Probably Going to Die


YouTuber exurb1a proposes something called the Suicide Olympics where the winner, who will receive a billion dollars, is the one who dies in the most unlikely or unusual fashion. But, the way you die has to be an accident, so you can’t just throw yourself off a cliff or anything. This leads to exurb1a looking at the odds of various ways of us meeting our maker.

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Hilarious Supercut Delivers the Very Best of Bad Acting


When it comes to watching movies, nothing beats a well acted, thrilling or emotional narrative—well, almost nothing because equally enjoyable to watch is really bad acting. It has to be really bad, mind. It can’t just be mediocre, that isn’t quite as fun. It has to be so, so terrible that it has that car crash element of being unable to look away.

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Guy Dives into 1000 Mousetraps on a Trampoline


Mousetraps are a classic of visual comedy, but as cliched as they no doubt are, you’ve never seen them in a situation like this before. One half of the Slow Mo Guys, in the name of entertainment, bravely jumps onto a trampoline consisting of 1,000 mousetraps. They filmed the whole thing in 4K at 1000fps so we can all see the result in lovely slow motion.

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Here’s How Humanity Could Spread Across the Galaxy


Elon Musk talked recently about his Interplanetary Transport System that he hopes will take humans to Mars within the next ten years. He wants to then use it as a base to explore the galaxy. But manned spaced flight is not the only way. Way before Elon Musk scientists proposed the idea of the von Neumann machines, self-replicating probes that could travel from planet to planet rebuilding themselves from resources they find along the way.

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10 Best Uses of Color of All Time in the Movies


When it comes to movies color is one of the most effective tools a storyteller can use, be it fiery red or an ice cold blue, a color can have a hugely dramatic effect on a film or a scene. And even though cinema started out with none, it’s now become a medium that’s as colorful as any.

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Dad with Tourette’s Syndrome Plays Cards with His Daughter


This is a rather sweet but sweary insight into a father and daughter relationship. It happens that this dad has got Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological condition which causes the sufferer to make involuntary noises and twitches. Those noises often take the form of swear words, the mans’s daughter also suffers from it but not quite as intense.

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Meet the Warrior Monk Who Brought Kung Fu to America


YouTube channel Great Big Story take a look at Shifu Shi Yan Ming who trained as a Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk in China. In 1992 he was on tour in the United States when he defected and by 1994 he’d moved to New York City which is where he opened the USA Shaolin Temple.

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