Guys Who Only Post Sad Stories on Facebook


College Humor’s latest sketch is about hat particular Facebook friend who, for some damn reason, loves nothing more than to make everyone super depressed by constantly posting sad stories they find on the internet to Facebook. Why do they do this? Well, probably because they’re like the guy in this video.

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Key & Peele: Terrorist Interrogation


An alleged terrorist claims to be a victim of mistaken identity, but that’s what they probably all say. So it’s time for some interrogation at a CIA black site to find out just what this man knows and what his connections are to the most infamous terrorist strikes of this century. Or maybe he’s just some guy who looks after dogs. Either way, he’s getting tortured. Because we can never forgive 7/11….*WAIT!?

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Blackalicious’ ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ Sung in Cartoon Voices


Blackalicious’ ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ is a classic of hip hop, it’s also a favorite when it comes to covers. Mainly because being able to rap it is a feat in itself, but how about this for impressive. Los Angeles-based comedian and impressionist Mikey Bolts does his cover in the voices of classic animated characters from films, TV shows, and video games (and some celebrities too).

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Rick and Morty and How To Troll Big Studios


Rick and Morty is undoubtedly one of the best shows on TV right not, but it also turns out that it’s of of the biggest trolls too. Because the idea of a crazy scientist going on time-travelling adventures with a young sidekick was initially thought of as a blatant rip-off of Back to the Future—as the original concept episode shows.

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The Ultimate Yoga Fails Compilation


Yoga is done by people as a way to release tension, get fit, and generally feel good about themselves. Unfortunately for these people it didn’t quite pan out the way they really wanted. Because instead of awakening their inner chakras and all that, they ended up getting interrupted by a pet, or having a pose go terribly wrong.

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How Much Nitrous Can a Stock Engine Take?


A Chevrolet small-block engine is the unfortunate tester for YouTube channel Engine Masters to find out how much nitrous oxide power can a stock short block take with the original cast crank, rods, and pistons. Of course it doesn’t end well for the engine, but what’s bad news for the small-block is good news for your entertainment.

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‘Ozzy Man’ Narrates Hardcore Dancing


There is seemingly nothing that Australian comedian Ethan Marrell, aka Ozzy Man Reviews cannot narrate—and there are certain subjects that work so well that you just want to see more. Falling in that latter category is this video which features Ozzy Man providing some amusing commentary and fun analysis on the manic activity that is hardcore slam dancing.

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Kermit the Frog Sings R Kelly’s ‘Ignition (Remix)’ in this Muppets Mashup


In the latest mashup from New York video editor Adam Schleichkorn, aka Mylo the Cat, R. Kelly’s 2002 R&B classic ‘Ignition (Remix)’ is sung by Kermit the Frog. But not only that, it also features plenty of cameos from other Muppets too, including Miss Piggy. And the whole thing seems to suit Kermit really well.

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The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye


Some people are working on robots that can go into disaster sites or nuclear meltdown areas and do valiant work that is just way too dangerous for people to do. Other people, like this guy, are creating robots that constantly and ceaselessly shines a laser in your eye. And kudos to his engineering skills, because he builds it in his bedroom.

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News Bloopers Featuring People That Are Totally High


News bloopers are undoubtedly funny and people who are high are, on the whole, undoubtedly funny. Providing they’re not freaking out because they think their thumbs are shrinking, of course. And this compilation from YouTubers NewsBeFunny combines the two, so it is of course undoubtedly funny too.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Life runs in cycles, daily cycles, weekly cycles, cycles that involve you feeling enthused about doing work on a Monday morning. And then suddenly not feeling so enthused because the caffeine kick from your coffee has gone. And when that down turn comes, it’s time for a new cycle. The cycle of internet browsing to begin. You can start that cycle with the links below.

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Drift Triking Down the Steepest Street in the World


Even experiencing this vicariously through he medium of an online video it’s completely terrifying and anxiety-inducing to watch—a group of people ride Drift Trikes, which are like tricycles but with a large front wheel, down the steepest street in the world, which happens to be in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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