Is This Compilation the Most Painful Video on the Internet?


Ouch. Owwww-ch! That’s going to be your main thought as you watch this video, wincing your way through other people’s pain. Pain that comes in a variety of forms and at numerous levels on the ouch scale. There’s a base level of general agony being experienced, sure, but of it some looks way more horrible than others.

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Hilarious Spoof App Helps People Get Offended on the Internet


The internet is known for a few things, cats, porn, and people getting easily offended—by, say, cat porn. In this spot-on sketch by comedian John Crist a fantastic new app called Get Offended will revolutionize the way you get offended online by making it easier than ever to be outraged by some random person on the internet.

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The Top 10 Closing Shots of All Time


The final shot in a movie can leave a lasting impression on the viewer, staying with them long after the movie ends, and sometimes if it’s really clever it can flip the movie on its head and completely undermine everything you’ve seen before (see Michael Haneke’s Caché for one of the greatest examples of that in the history of cinema).

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Philosopher Alain de Botton Reflects on the Wisdom of Pessimism


People often tell pessimists to lighten up or look on the bright side, but here British philosopher Alain de Botton details why being a pessimist isn’t always bad. Teaming up with director Claudio Salas and around 30 different animators they’ve made a 2-minute visual essay for de Botton’s School of Life project.

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Stephen Fry Gives His View on American vs British Comedy


Stephen Fry gives some insightful comments here on the differences between American and British comedy, which can probably be summed up by the line that with American comedy it starts with everything being crappy and ends happy. British Comedy starts happy and ends with everything turning to crap.

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Listen to Shawn Wasabi Play New Track ‘Spicy Boyfriend’


Making music while sat in bed might not be the most conventional way to cut a song, but that hasn’t stopped Shawn Wasabi from doing so. And it’s resulted in a very joy-filled, bouncy, star shine of a track that if it fails to make you feel even a little twinge of happiness, you might want to check you still have a pulse.

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Residents Living Permanently in Japan’s Cyber-cafés


Not matter what your living arrangements are you’re probably doing better than these people in Japan who find themselves living permanently in cyber cafes. It amounts to a space that’s a four square meter box with a screen and a computer, which is on offer 24/7 for anyone who wants it.

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The Best of Bad Acting in Adult Movies


If there’s one thing people can expect from adult movies, aside from the obvious of course, is that bad acting is standard. It’s almost like it’s a must, if there was some proper or decent acting in an adult movie, it would probably mean it couldn’t be classified as an adult movie—some unwritten law of the industry or something.

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Sending Salacious Photos


When it comes to sending NSFW pics to someone there are some things you need to know. And this video delivers a 101 on the do’s and don’ts of sending someone some intimate photos. It’s worth a watch, because if there’s one thing you want to be cautious about, it’s sending saucy pics.

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A Robot and a Master Swordsman Have a Battle of Blades


The Yaskawa Bushido Project sees iaijutsu master swordsman and Guinness World Record holder Isao Machii face off against a robotic arm in an epic contest of technique and endurance. Motion capture is used to teach the machine Machii’s cutting techniques and then a series of swordsmanship tests are undertaken. You can see the results in the video, which shows man and robot side-by-side to see if an algorithmic swordsman can trump years of training.

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The Sun is Slowing Down and Here’s Why


No need to panic, but scientists have noted for some time now, decades in fact, that the outer layer of the sun is slowing down. But it’s only recently that they’ve been able to understand why this is happening—it all comes down to solar radiation, the same radiation that heats the earth, but while it warms our planet it’s causing the sun, due to special relativity, to slow down starting from its outer layer using a kind of braking effect.

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