1719 Wasn’t A Very Good Year For Hygiene, But It Was For Beer!


Not all things from the past are relevant now, but it also means that some things shouldn’t be tampered with. Take for instance the strange (by today’s standards) baroque powdered wigs that people used to wear, you wouldn’t go to the barbers to get one fitted now. They were mainly used to cover baldness due to head lice, not such a problem in the 21st century. But, some things do remain constant and by some things that means: beer. Yes, the beloved alcoholic drink that comes after only tea, coffee and water as Homer Simpson’s and the world’s most favored beverage.

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Guy Animates His Horrible Experience of Being Stuck on a Roller Coaster


Brewstew’s Tyler Rudolph had two recurring nightmares when he was a kid, one was having Harry and Marv from Home Alone break into his home, the second was getting stuck on a rollercoaster. He’d managed to get through a lot of his adult life without either when recently the latter happened to him and his girlfriend on the Millennium Force roller coaster at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

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Kevin Hart Learns About Swedish Traditions from a Nordic Comedy Group


Kevin Hart gets some schooling in the way Sweden does things by comedy group I Just Want To Be Cool, who detail why in Sweden you only get to eat what you want on only one day of the year, and also why you should keep your anger inside, and release it when you get home by punching a pillow.

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The Aliens Are Finally Here in the New Trailer for ‘Arrival’


If aliens did show up on earth communication could be extremely problematic, and that idea is what’s explored in the movie Arrival from Sicario director Denis Villeneuve (who’s also up to direct Blade Runner 2) which stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. In this new trailer we get to see Adams attempt to work out the differences between our language and theirs.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The sun has set on the weekend and the Monday morning sun, extra bright and glaring, has now surfaced to welcome you to another week of success and growth! That’s what you’re meant to believe anyway, but in reality it’s yet more drudgery and meetings and spreadsheets and…oh god! Try and forget about it all by diving into the links below.

  • Kids Toy That Poops Magic Charms – Can’t believe it’s actually real.
  • Bill Burr on Overpopulation – It’s a great solution.
  • Pool Vs. Bowling Trick Shots – These are insane.
  • Usain Bolt Gets Meme’d – How could this photo not?
  • Khaleesi Loves Pizza – Mother of dragons? Mother of Pizza.
  • HIKEA – Building IKEA furniture high on acid.
  • Kids Give Advice on Break Ups – Very insightful.
  • Hilarious Commentary On Lingerie Shoot – It’s what it deserves.
  • Three-Headed Dog Prank – Basically a Chihuahua wearing three cups.
  • Peter Ness Plays Blackjack – Guy pranks online blackjack operators.
  • Dog vs. Bowling Lane Sensor – This Border Collie is obsessed.
  • Monkey Throws Faeces at Little Girl – He’s not happy.
  • Remote Control Plane With A Nerf Gun – You’ll want one after watching this.

The History of Japan in 9 Minutes


If you want to brush up on your history of the land of the rising sun, but don’t have the time to read the entire Wikipedia entry on the country, then you could do worse than watch this brilliant condensed version by Bill Wurtz, where he lays down Japan’s past in a very entertaining and engaging way.

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Watch a Golden Retriever Completely Destroy Their Owner’s Apartment


This Golden Retriever is teaching their owner a lesson, that lesson is never leave me alone in your apartment for this amount of time again. Because if you do, you will come home to complete and utter devastation. It’s basically a big EFF U to its owner, who doesn’t look so pleased when she comes home at the end of the video.

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Ozzy Man Hilariously Reviews the Greatest Olympic Win Ever


The always hilarious Ozzy Man from YouTube channel Ozzy Man Reviews takes us back to the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, USA for what he says is the greatest Olympic win ever. It involves the speed skating final where USA and China were battling for gold when suddenly they fell and there was a pile-up. Which meant that Australian Steven Bradbury finished first.

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Late Night with Seth Meyers Presents Boston Accent: The Movie


The Boston accent has been used so much by Hollywood in such cliched circumstances that it’s hard to take it serious any more. So it rightfully deserves this funny parody by Late Night host Seth Myers who has some fun with those overused Boston accents and characters.

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Seth Rogen Hijacks a Woman’s Tinder


It takes a brave woman to let Seth Rogen take over her Tinder account just for some laughs. Brave or as is the case here, you work for Vanity Fair and it comes as part of the day job. That’s what happened to a woman called Sheena who in the name of internet traction for the company she works for let’s Rogen find romance (or not) by overtaking her Tinder account.

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A Guy Dies & Has a Few Questions in ‘The White Room’


In this awesome sketch by Chris Smith and Jack De Sena (aka Chris and Jack) a guy called Cody appears in an all-white room and is a little shocked to learn that, yes, he has died. Along with the mysterious white room is a mysterious guy who tells Cody he has 60 seconds to ask any question about the meaning of life and the universe.

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How Do Olympic Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone In The Spectator Gallery?


It takes years and years of training and dedication to become an Olympian. Take for instance the archers who partake in the games, how on earth do they stop themselves from the temptation to turn away from the target and fire an arrow off into the audience? Especially that person nosily eating their lunch who’s ruining their concentration?

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