Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer – Homemade Shot for Shot


In the latest episode of CineFix’s Homemade Movies series they do a homemade, shot for shot remake of the second trailer for the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With the film due out next week the hype and anticipation is building, and this is a nice addition and a fitting tribute to it all.

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Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids


He may have starred in the Karate Kid remake, perhaps even because of that, but that doesn’t mean Jackie Chan likes kids. In fact in this mashup trailer he HATES them, hates them so much that he uses his many years of skills to kick the crap out of them—and it’s very funny indeed.

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Guy Performs Hilarious Festive Lip-Sync Medley Sat in a Car with His Unimpressed Mom


Motoki Maxted is back with his car riding lip syncing, which is made all the more hilarious because he does it sat next to his stony-faced mom who is seriously unimpressed. This is a special festive version and follows on from his viral dance and lip sync routines to pop hits which he did earlier in the year.

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‘Literal Bohemian Rhapsody’ Turns Queen’s Hit into a Crime Drama


The guys from YouTube channel Corridor, who specialize in FX-laden videos, have taken the lyrics from Queen’s classic song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and somehow spun it into a short film. It’s basically a crime dram, but one that’s very tongue-in-cheek and a very literal reenactment of the song’s lyrics.

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Short Film ‘The Procedure’ is Will Terrify and Amuse


Completely inexplicable, Calvin Reeder’s short film The Procedure won the Sundance Short Film Jury Award and it’s at once both terrifyingly bizarre and ridiculous. It features a guy who suddenly gets a tranquilizer dart in the neck and wakes up strapped to a white table in a white room.

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DJ Earworm Delivers His United State of Pop 2016 Mashup


You know the end of the year is on its way when DJ Earworm delivers his annual mashup of the year’s pop hits—if you missed the year’s most popular tracks, either because you’re too old or you live in a cave, this highly listenable four minute compilation will make sure you’re up to speed without losing too much time.

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Watch ‘X-STORY’ a Silent Animated Short that Will Blow You Away


The animated short X-Story by Vitaliy Shushko has no dialogue and you don’t even get to know the name of the protagonist, all we know is that he’s following the X. But you don’t need to know any more to enjoy this anime short which took two years to make. Because it’s a visual treat and it has a great twist too.

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Failed Actor Steven Toast (Matt Berry) Dubs a Gay Pr0n Movie in this Hilarious Clip


In British comedian Matt Berry’s sitcom Toast of London Berry plays a struggling actor called Steven Toast. Toast is middle-aged and would love to be starring in a sellout theatre show but instead has to make do with voiceover work. In this clip he has to do the dubbing for a German gay porn film—and the results are predictably hilarious.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here we go again, off into the week anew, and now it’s December which effectively means it’s the festive season countdown. So, that means the office party will be looming, which means a whole new kind of regret in the office the next day. That’s going to be like Monday times a million. Anyway, back to this week. Back to slacking off with the links below.

  • Obama the Trekkie – The prez loves Star Trek.
  • Every Story is the Same – This video explains why.
  • Sex Robots – An artist is building your ideal robot partner.
  • Aussiest. Interview. Ever – He’s a top bloke, mate!
  • Dad Attempts Daughter’s Gymnastics – Hilarious failing.
  • Skateboard + Roller Skates – Equals whatever the hell these are.
  • Pranking a Grandma with Magic Tricks – Hilarious if cruel.
  • Epic Stunt Man Demo Reel – Behold the talents of Brad Allen.
  • Come Together – Wes Anderson does Christmas.
  • 21st Century Drugs – There’s a new drug in town.
  • Fabio Wibmer Downhill Bike Shredding – Big lines and huge tricks.
  • Bad Lip Reading of Empire Strikes Back – Yoda sings about seagulls.
  • Tom Hanks Re-enacts Forrest Gump – For long distance runner Mo Farah.
  • Slo Mo Symphony is an Amusing Tribute to Slo Mo Fails


    Watching people get slapped in the face by a huge fish or fall off their bicycle or faceplant onto the ground is all very amusing, but it’s extra amusing if that footage is slowed down. Add some classical music over the top too and you have yourself something that’s verging on the cinematic.

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    What is it with Those Russians Dangling From Buildings Videos?


    YouTube channel Internet Comment Etiquette explores the internet video subgenre that focuses on Russians dangling from buildings. No doubt you’ve come across one at some point or another, but what gives? What is that they find so appealing about precariously gripping onto the edge of really tall buildings and filming themselves?

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    Lunch Atop A Skyscraper: The Story Behind The 1932 Photo


    As far as images of construction workers goes, the famous black and white photo taking during construction of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, New York City is probably the most well known. It’s insane to think here was a bunch of workers taking a lunch break on a steel beam 800ft in the air. The fact that they look so casual while doing it points to how fearless they were.

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