David Nutt Explores Why Science Must Take the Lead When it Comes to Illegal Drugs


Drugs are bad, mmkay. Except, well, no they’re not. And here psychiatrist David Nutt, who worked as an advisor to the British government before he was was fired after claiming in a science paper that MDMA was statistically no more dangerous than an addiction to horse-riding, looks at the science behind making banned drugs legal.

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This Skateboard is Made Out of 250 Lego Bricks


There are plenty of objects and even musical instruments that are made from Lego, but this creation is seriously impressive. Woodworker Peter Brown decided to used 250 Lego bricks (and 20 ounces of resin) to make an actual working skateboard, all crafted by hand. So far, so good—but can it skate?

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Miss Piggy Sings Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo-Wop (That Thing)’


Adam Schleichkorn (aka Mylo the Cat) has been making mashups with kids’ TV characters and rap icons for some time now, turning Barney the purple dino into Biggie, or having the cast of Sesame Street sing the Beastie Boys. Now he’s created a mashup with a female lead, so we get Miss Piggy as Lauryn Hill singing ‘Doo-Wop (That Thing).’

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‘Borrow Time’—A Dark Animated Tale from Two Pixar Animators


While Pixar movies are aimed at adults as well as kids, they’re nowhere near as dark as this animation by Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj. The short film reveals a very bleak tale of personal tragedy set in the landscape of the Wild West, a tale that has plenty of loss and mourning in it, so don’t expect anything cheery.

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An Animated Guide to Humanity’s First Interstellar Mission


This animation from the Atlantic reveals how Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner wants to use a solar sail to explore the cosmos and go into interstellar space. Human spaceflight to our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, won’t be happening for many, many years but that doesn’t mean we can’t send robots there.

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Pogo Releases Tribute Song to Star Trek: TNG’s Data and Picard


Remix artist Pogo is famed for taking snippets and sounds from Disney movies and TV shows and turning them into melodious music. Now he’s paid tribute to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Data in a musical medley that Worf would even enjoy.

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Family Guy Mocks Trump’s Derogatory Comments About Women


Those lewd comments Donald Trump made about women on the Access Hollywood bus get a Family Guy spin as the animation mocks Trump’s derogatory remarks. The clip is taken from a recent episode which replayed the actual audio of the incident, but with the addition of Peter Griffin replying to Trump’s comments.

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President Barack Obama Reveals the True Meaning of Star Trek


It’s no secret that the POTUS likes sci-fi and that he’s a full fledged Trekkie—he was also recently guest editor for WIRED magazine and as part of that he had a chat with WIRED editor in chief Scott Dadich and MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito where they discussed the original Star Trek series and what it reveals about our common humanity.

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Watch The Weeknd’s Very Violent Music Video for ‘False Alarm’


R&B singer and XO artist The Weeknd recently released the second music video off of his new project Starboy, and it’s very violent indeed. Coming off like a scene from GTA V it follows the singer and his gang as they undertake a bank heist, which sees them turn on each other and go on the rampage.

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Kylo Ren Reacts to the Rogue One Trailer


Rogue One is back with it’s latest trailer, and the Auralnauts are back with Kylo Ren talking over it. The parody video shows the petulant villain from Star Wars: The Force Awakens watching the trailer and then reacting to what he’s seeing. And he appears to get quite annoyed with it all, wondering how the Empire managed to mess it up so bad when they had the Death Star and all those cool weapons.

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A Supercut of Every Tom Cruise Run Ever


Tom Cruise doesn’t speed walk, nor jog, he runs. And he runs a lot in his movies, and this supercut features every run he’s ever done in all his movies so far. The supercut comes from Burger Fiction in honor of Cruise’s upcoming film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. So they spent many hours putting together this very funny chronology of Cruise running.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good morning. Or is it? Well, it’s a Monday morning so it’s never going to be that great but it doesn’t have to be that bad either. All you need to do is think positive thoughts, or failing that, ply yourself with vast amounts of coffee and then slack off by clicking the links below.

  • Rapping Deconstructed – The best rhymers of all time.
  • Creepy Clown Craze Explained – Here’s what’s going on.
  • Scroguard Full Pelvis Condom – Surely a joke?
  • Real World GTA – Starring Trevor Philips!
  • Mongolian Throat-Singing Trance Music – Seriously badass.
  • Dad Builds Ninja Warrior Course – For his daughter.
  • How Drum and Bass is Made – A fascinating process.
  • Ozzy Man Reviews: Crow vs Cat vs CatHilarious.
  • It’s Not What it Looks Like! – A supercut of this movie cliche.
  • Trump Clinton Debate Songified – Much catchier than the real thing.
  • Ping Pong FM – It’s basically musical table tennis.
  • Every Cat Video On the Net in 2 Minutes – Every. Single. One.
  • Why Your Airbnb Is Illegal – The company does not come out well.