Mike Love’s Reggare Song ‘Permanent Holiday’ Features Some Epic Pedal Skills


You might start watching this video and think why is this musician sitting bare foot—but then you’ll soon see why because he’s just as musically skilled with his feet as he is with his hands. He’s basically Mr. Multitask, a skilled musician with a damn good voice too.

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Musician’s Amazing Cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’


Musician Lorenz Rhode performs a full talkbox cover of Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and shows that to perform it accurately, you don’t need lots of fancy post-production. You can in fact do it live using a keyboard and talkbox-synthesizer and that’s exactly what he does.

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A Compilation of Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned


If there’s one way you’re going to piss off a cop, it’s by not answering his questions. These people, sovereign citizens and freemen-on-the-land, make things ten times worse for themselves by refusing to cooperate and in the process riling the cops.

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Woman Kills it With Longboard Dance Routine


Most people use longboards to race downhill at speeds that are extremely dangerous yet exhilirating, but this woman uses it for something else entirely. She uses it to perform an impressive dance routine which can’t be easy at all, bouncing around and keeping her balance while riding along on four wheels.

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Animation Details the Mind-boggling Scale of the Universe


As the noted cosmologist Carl Sagan said there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all of the Earth’s beaches. But equally, there are more molecules of H20 in only 10 drops of water than there are stars in the universe. But how can we imagine such concepts and vast volumes when they’re so huge?

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‘Saving Private Ryan’ Re-edited as a Tarantino Movie


Saving Private Ryan basically becomes Inglorious Basterds in this trailer edit by Mashable which boots Steven Spielberg out from the director’s chair and replaces him with Quentin Tarantino. So if you were ever kept awake at night pondering what the classic war movie might be like had it been directed by Hollywood’s enfant terrible, this will show you.

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Watch Colorful Skateboarding Tricks in Super Slow Motion


Filmmaker Darren Dyk augments standard skateboarding fun with some colored powder and some super slow mo filming. Shooting with a high-speed camera at frame rates up to 6,900 frames per second the tricks become something far more mesmerizing—and a lot more messy.

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Game Changer—Film Shot Entirely Using the Camera on Back of a Prius Car


The Toyota Prius features a safety camera on the back so drivers don’t reverse into anything. And now an innovative, pioneering filmmaker has used this backup camera to shoot an entire film. Take that Orson Welles! It’s the kind of experimental and daring filmmaking that pushes the medium to new unknowns that will probably change cinema for ever.

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Comedians Give Hilarious Lines To Adult Films Stars Filming a Raunchy Scene


While filming a sex scene two porn stars, Jake Jace and Luna Star, are fed hilarious lines by comedians Nikki Glaser and Kyle Kinane. Kinane was appearing on Glaser’s show ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’ and the two sat behind the scenes feeding ridiculous ad hoc lines to the two porn actors filming their scene.

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Bill Hicks – Mandatory Marijuana


The wonderful Bill Hicks contemplates a world where marijuana use is compulsory, a place where the drug isn’t just legalised but where people have to wander around stoned for the benefit of everyone on the planet (Colorado, anyone?). A planet full of “quiet, mellow, hungry, high people” where Dominos pizza trucks dominate the landscape in endless parades. “Shut up and smoke that, it’s the law.”

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Robot Lives Matter, Help End The Abuse


As this shocking video reveals, robot abuse is happening and it seems to only be getting worse. And it’s being perpetrated by the very people who should be looking out for these autonomous machines, their creators. They may justify their actions by saying they’re “testing” the robots, but is that really an excuse?

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