Paleontologist Trevor Valle Debunks ‘Dinosaurs Never Existed’ Conspiracy


If you ever wanted to stick it to those conspiracy nuts who upload videos to YouTube talking about how the dinosaurs never existed, then this video will satisfy you. It features paleontologist Trevor Valle on Joe Rogan’s radio show and it amounts to a 40 minute take down of those nutjobs.

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Guy Hacks a Hitachi Magic Wand ‘Massager’


The Hitachi Magic Wand gets hacked in this video from YouTube channel AvE who makes it his job to tear down this, ahem, ‘massager’ and take a look at what makes it work. So in that regards it’s also a kind of review of the tool, although not in the sense of using it but just what makes it tick, as it were.

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La La Land as Directed by David Lynch


The greatness of David Lynch, and what also makes his movies totally terrifying, is that he can turn anything into something sinister and dangerous. And so, with that methodology in mind CineFix have taken this year’s Oscar favorite La La Land (not ‘quite’ the Best Picture winner), a feel good movie with lots of singing and dancing, and twisted into something else.

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Meet Billy Mitchell the Man Who Beat ‘Pac-Man’


Back in July 1999 Billy Mitchell did the seemingly impossible, he beat Pac-Man by getting the perfect score of 3,333,360 points. It meant he had to complete 256 levels of the game and play for over 5 hours straight without dying once. It also meant he “broke” the game, because when you hit level 255 it runs out of memory and only displays the left side.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buckle in for a whole new week of, well, whatever you make of it really. Which no doubt means slacking off at the coffee machine as much as possible, while your colleagues pick up the slack from your work shy ass! Only kidding, we’re here to help you slack off, you can start with these links.

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6-Year-Old Guitarist Is Adorable, But Her Dad’s Metal Solos Are Better


The video starts with a sweet little 6-year-old girl plucking away on her acoustic guitar, and you think it’s going to be one of those typical viral videos of a little girl showcasing her awesome guitar skills. But then, all of a sudden, her dad jumps into shot and starts shredding away proving how damn metal his solos are.

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Repetition and the Illusion of Truth


YouTube channel Veritasium looks at the illusory nature of truth, specifically about something called cognitive ease, which is the idea that we tend to prefer concepts that are both familiar to us and simple to understand. He also looks at how repetition plays a part in our understanding of what we believe to be true, using the example of the body temperature of a chicken.

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Jordan Peele Revives Obama Impression and Its Hilarious


With all those pics of Obama living it up on Richard Branson’s island, many people wondered just what the former POTUS was thinking about the current state of the US. Well, this video sort of gives you that with Jordan Peele reviving his brilliant Obama impression, albeit a drunk Obama on vacation, on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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Listen to Shawn Wasabi Play New Track ‘Spicy Boyfriend’


Making music while sat in bed might not be the most conventional way to cut a song, but that hasn’t stopped Shawn Wasabi from doing so. And it’s resulted in a very joy-filled, bouncy, star shine of a track that if it fails to make you feel even a little twinge of happiness, you might want to check you still have a pulse.

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The Sun is Slowing Down and Here’s Why


No need to panic, but scientists have noted for some time now, decades in fact, that the outer layer of the sun is slowing down. But it’s only recently that they’ve been able to understand why this is happening—it all comes down to solar radiation, the same radiation that heats the earth, but while it warms our planet it’s causing the sun, due to special relativity, to slow down starting from its outer layer using a kind of braking effect.

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How Will SpaceX Get Us To Mars? This Video Explains


Getting people to Mars is something you may have read briefly about online but you probably don’t know the nitty-gritty of how it’s going to work. Elon Musk’s Space X is one company that wants to get humans to the red planet and they want to do it in a cost effective way, bringing down the cost of space travel.

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Supercut of Every Oscar Winner for Visual Effects


With the 2017 Oscars looming before us, now’s the perfect time to look back at all the Oscar winners for visual effects, from 1927 to 2016. The VFX is an interesting category because it often includes those big budget blockbusters or sci-fi movies that often don’t get a nod in the best picture Oscar category. But it’s a place where pioneering filmmaking is going on.

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