This Real-Life Lego Minifig is Both Compelling and Utterly Horrifying


Ever wondered what a Lego minifig might look like it it was made from flesh? You probably haven’t because you’re not some kind of sicko who wants to inflict horror on others. But Adam Savage from Tested is, and that’s why at this year’s Comic-Con he commissioned FX artist Frank Ippolito to design and sculpt a LEGO-inspired mask and hands (OMG the hands), made to look like a real-life version of a minifig.

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Stephen Fry Gives His View on American vs British Comedy


Stephen Fry gives some insightful comments here on the differences between American and British comedy, which can probably be summed up by the line that with American comedy it starts with everything being crappy and ends happy. British Comedy starts happy and ends with everything turning to crap.

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Guy Hilariously Lip-Syncs While Sat in the Car Next to His Mom


Los Angeles-based YouTuber Motoki Maxted goes on a car ride with his mom, but instead of just sitting silently in the passenger seat he puts on the latest bangers and hilariously lip syncs along. Not just lip syncs either but also pulls off some epic dance movies to tracks like Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too,” Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop this Feeling,” “Rihanna’s “Work,” and many more.

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Pokemon Go vs. Girlfriend—We All Know Which One a Guy Will Pick


Pokemon Go is still around, although the media seems to have calmed down a bit in terms of posting about it every second of every day—but just in case you’d been missing some Pokemon Go in your life, here’s a new video from the The Perez Bros. It shows what probably many girlfriends, and boyfriends, have been telling their partners who won’t stop playing the game.

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“CRUZ TALKS TRUMP” — A Bad Lip Reading of Ted Cruz


The Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel has already taken on Ted Cruz, but now they’re back and this time it’s Cruz talking plainly about Donald Trump, while the crowd at the Republican National Convention turns on him. And it reveals what wasn’t reported on in the media about why the delegates were booing so much.

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Downpour—Captivating Footage of Daniel Holdsworth Longboarding in the Rain


OK so there’s droplets of rain on the camera lens, but that kind of adds to the aesthetic of it all. So sit back and watch longboarder Daniel Holdsworth spray water behind him as he heads down some of Pentiction, BC’s steepest terrains while in a downpour. As well as being captivating to watch it must also take some seriously impressive skills to ride in this weather.

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Repetition and the Illusion of Truth


YouTube channel Veritasium looks at the illusory nature of truth, specifically about something called cognitive ease, which is the idea that we tend to prefer concepts that are both familiar to us and simple to understand. He also looks at how repetition plays a part in our understanding of what we believe to be true, using the example of the body temperature of a chicken.

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1 Million Dots Make Up This Incredible Portrait


David Bayo is a French artist, a drawer, painter, and illustrator, and this speed drawing shows off his skill. It shows Bayo working on a picture that consists of over a million dots (not sure who did the counting) to create a stunning surreal portrait. It shows a woman and an Escherian building coming from her back.

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If Marvel Superheroes Used Facebook


In case you ever stayed awake at night wondering what your favorite Marvel characters might be like if they used Facebook, The Warp Zone are here to ensure you get a restful night’s snooze. In this video they imagine if superheroes were just like the rest of us, constantly on Facebook updating it with mundane crap.

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Watch Cyanide & Happiness Short ‘The Leak’


The last thing you want in your spaceship is actual space, but that’s what happens in this short from Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, and Dave McElfatrick of Cyanide & Happiness after an astronaut makes a dumb mistake. Disaster soon strikes and after one astronaut is sucked out the rest have to try and stop space leaking inside.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The weekend is over, it’s time to stop playing Pokemon Go and time to start reading about Pokemon Go hacks online, when you should actually be working. But everyone knows Mondays aren’t about working, instead Mondays are about slacking off. You can start with the links below.

  • DURUS – A robot that walks like a human.
  • Hank Azaria’s Commencement Speech – Using Simpsons characters.
  • Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke – The FLOTUS slays it.
  • Pokémon Go Helps Girl Catch Cheating BoyfriendPoke-busted.
  • Put Your Dongle Away – Dongle-related puns.
  • Toilet Paper Machine 2.0True innovation.
  • How People Shower – Hilarious cultural stereotypes abound.
  • Pokemon Go Hack – How to get realistic Poke Balls.
  • Britain’s New Leader Raps Like a BossImpressive skills.
  • This Ram Hates Insulation – It’s like a red rag to a ball.
  • Parkour Ninja – This guy’s freerunning game is badass.
  • People Doing Awesome Stuff – Awesome but also insane.
  • Honest Trailer for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – The film takes a beating.

Ozzy Man Reviews Celebrates Mexican Weather Reporter Yanet Garcia


When it comes to weather reporting, for Ozzy Man Reviews there really is only one place to go—and that’s to Mexico for weather reporter Yanet Garcia’s unrivalled analysis. Ozzy Man may live in Australia and have no use for knowing what the weather’s going to be like in Mexico, but why should that stop him?

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