Angry Pope Francis Slaps Donald Trump’s Hand For Touching Him


Unsurprisingly when Donald Trump took his first state trip to the Vatican he got a bit of a frosty reception. Because Pope Francis and Trump aren’t the best of friends. Last year, when Trump was on the presidential campaign trail Pope Francis had said that anyone who builds a wall instead of bridges is not a Christian. Trump responded by saying about ISIS attacking the Vatican.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The brevity of the weekend is in sharp contradiction to the painfully glacial pace that a Monday morning crawls along at. Which makes it all the more crueler. It’s like some kind of twisted joke sent to trial us. Instead of easing us into the working week, it torments us. But nevermind all that, distraction and procrastination is where it’s at. Which is where the links below will serve you well.

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So, Here’s a Japanese Superhero Who Wears Women’s Panties on His Face


Anything is possible in Japan, so behold this superhero who wears women’s panties on his face as a disguise, a mankini, fishnets, and ballet slippers as he battles criminals and makes the streets safe from, um, perverts. The film is called HK Forbidden Super Hero should you want to check out the whole thing for research purposes.

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A Supercut of Every Tom Cruise Run Ever


Tom Cruise doesn’t speed walk, nor jog, he runs. And he runs a lot in his movies, and this supercut features every run he’s ever done in all his movies so far. The supercut comes from Burger Fiction in honor of Cruise’s upcoming film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. So they spent many hours putting together this very funny chronology of Cruise running.

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The Rock Parodies Male Enhancement Drug Ads in SNL Sketch


In this very funny sketch by SNL The Rock promotes ‘Xentrex’ which is to aide men who suffer from the most extreme cases of erectile dysfunction. In the sketch they focus on the total ridiculousness of these types of commercials, while also showing some of the side effects, which can be quite severe. Like, for instance, sending the user off into fits of rage.

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Deadpool Joins in for the Hilarious Logan Honest Trailer


Hugh Jackman’s latest and most critically acclaimed standalone Wolverine movie recently came to DVD and Blu-ray. His swansong as the mutant with the adamantium claws is called Logan and was so well received it’s being called the best comic book movie ever. That doesn’t mean to say it’s going to escape the ridicule of Screen Junkies and their Honest Trailer series.

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If Theme Parks Were Honest


We all enjoy themes parks when we’re a kid, but when you become an adult and take your own kids to a theme park you see them with different eyes. They often appear not quite as magical or fun as they were when you went there as a child. And this latest edition of Cracked’s ‘Honest Ads’ series takes a more honest look at these so-called ‘happiest places on earth.’

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Adam McKay and Smart Dumb Comedy


In 2016 Adam McKay won an Oscar for The Big Short, his film about the financial crash of 2008 that was based on the book by Michael Lewis. But before this McKay had made a particular brand of smart comedy, that’s also pretty dumb too. Films like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby , and Step Brothers. Many of them starring Will Ferrell.

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What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?


Here’s something to blow your mind, imagine if every single human from the entire history of homo sapiens was suddenly brought back to life somehow. How many people do you think there would be on the planet? Well, considering that the dead outnumber the living by about 11 to 1 and that there are around 7.5 billion currently alive on earth, there would be A LOT of people around.

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Here’s What Basically Every Facebook Video Ever is Like


Taking no prisoners YouTuber Materialisimo takes a look at the most popular and common type of videos on Facebook, and savages them with this very funny parody. If you’ve ever spent any time on the social network and its news feed, you’ll find plenty to agree with here, from those dumb recipes to those news videos showcasing something TOTALLY AMAZING (although it never turns out to be amazing).

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Video Essay Explains Why ‘Alien’ is a Classic of the Horror Movie Genre


You probably don’t need a video essay to know that Ridley Scott’s original ‘Alien’ movie was a masterpiece of horror, just watching it will inform you of that. But this video by The Film Theorists is fascinating nonetheless. It’s part of his Frame by Frame series where he looks at the craft of moviemaking. And in this video he goes past the Xenomorph designed by HR Giger to detail the psychological horror that was created from the incredible set designs.

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Amusing Sketch Tells Guys Night Out Told in Style of Newscast


You might think that night out with the guys drinking beers and having total banter was legendary enough, but it’s probably never going to make the news. However comedy sketch duo Alex Cooper and Tom Blackwood (aka Mid-Brow) have imagined what it might be like if a night out was told in the style of a solemn newscast.

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