Skydivers Play on the Ultimate Mega Swing


As a kid you’re much more fearless than when you’re an adult and when you were on the swing at the local park you probably imagined it flying so high into the sky you’d touch a cloud and then fly off down to earth. Well four skydivers got to experience something similar in this stunt from Red Bull. It features two hot air balloons and a 125m long rope with a seat on the end to create a mega swing for the ages.

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What’s The Most Difficult Place To Get To In the World?


You may think getting around your local area in rush hour is difficult but there are far more difficult places to get to in the world. And if you’re wondering just what those are, this video from RealLifeLore will show you. It features places like volcanoes in Antartica to islands located in the remote Indian Ocean.

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10 Movies You Won’t Believe Are Actually Based On Real Stories


Some movies it’s entirely obvious that they’re based on a true story, but some others not so much. Case in point is the ten movies featured in this video from Screen Rant. Sure some of them you might be aware of but others will shock you. For instance did you know that A Nightmare On Elm Street was inspired by real-life events? Or Star Wars? The Shining?

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Why Do All Trailers Feel Like They’re The Same? Here’s an Explanation


If you’ve found that trailers these days all seem to be a bit samey, running through the same homogeneous formula then you might want to watch this video by YouTube channel Now You See. Not only do they look over why modern trailers feel like this, they also detail what makes a great trailer standout.

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Full Contact Sword Fighting Isn’t for the Faint-Hearted


So it seems full contact sword fighting is a thing, a thing that involves attacking fellow practitioners with steel swords and axes, which looks as dangerous as it does epic. The good news is that at least they wear full body armour and helmets to lessen those blows raining down on them, no doubt there’s still some injuries though.

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Guy Performs Hilarious Festive Lip-Sync Medley Sat in a Car with His Unimpressed Mom


Motoki Maxted is back with his car riding lip syncing, which is made all the more hilarious because he does it sat next to his stony-faced mom who is seriously unimpressed. This is a special festive version and follows on from his viral dance and lip sync routines to pop hits which he did earlier in the year.

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The Story Behind the Worst Video Game of All Time


When it comes to video games, there is one game in particular that is renowned for being one of the worst video games ever made—and the biggest flop of all time. That game is ‘E.T, The Extraterrestrial’ for Atari 2600 and the game’s designer, Howard Scott Warshaw, far from being ashamed that the game has such a bad association, is very pleased of it.

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A Tribute to Female Seduction in Film


This supercut pretty much lists off every sexy female seductress who ever graced the silver screen, as they seduce and coerce their male counterparts and work their feminine wiles, showing how to get a man to do whatever the hell they want.

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‘The Hedgehog’—Short About a Lonely Boy Who Dresses Up as Sonic the Hedgehog


Written and directed by Chris Lee and Paul Storrie, this dark short features a young boy in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume, searching for adventure but finding something else instead. And it’s here where the film takes a darker tone, exploring the idea of Peter-Pan Syndrome and not wanting to grow up.

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ASAPScience Explains the Science of Cheating Partners


Why are some people unfaithful? Are they born that way? Greg and Mitch from ASAPScience look at the science behind the human need to cheat in their latest YouTube video. It seems that something called “extra-pair mating” (aka infidelity) is a common human behavior linked directly to dopamine, which makes us feel happy.

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Tom Scott Looks at The Strange-Looking Language of Inuktitut


ᑖᒻ ᔅᑳᑦ and ᖃᓂᐅᔮᖅᐸᐃᑦ—Those weird symbols may look like some kind of alien hieroglyphics but they are in fact a language here on earth. They are Inuktitut a language spoken in the Northern Canadian province of Nunavut. Here they have three official languages, english, french, and the language of the Inuits.

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