The Role of Philosophy in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’


When you’re sitting down enjoying an episode of FX TV comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia you might not immediately be struck by its similarities to German philosophers. But, if you dig a little deeper it’s there. At least it is according to this video essay by CrackerJacked which explores how the gang gets philosophical.

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We’re Living in the Golden Age of TV Title Sequences


In this video from Wired they explore how we’re not just living in the Golden Age of TV, but also the Golden Age of TV title sequences too. And as anyone who watches celebrated shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, Westworld, and others will know, it’s true. As the vid explains title sequences used to be an afterthought, as the many cheesy 80s and 90s shows will attest.

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‘Ozzy Man’ Reviews the New ‘Baywatch’ Trailer


Ozzy Man casting his hilarious views on the Baywatch trailer feels like it’s a match made in heaven, and it most certainly is. What could be a better fit for his no holds barred commentary than a reboot movie of a 90s TV show about life guards on a California beach. It’s probably going to be better than the movie itself, unless of course they got Ozzy Man to do this through the whole movie.

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Introducing V.I.Poo – An Amazing New Pre-poo Toilet Spray


Forget about trying to get rid of that contemptible stench after the crime of you decorating the toilet bowl with your digested dinner. That’s too little too late, the person who has to use the office toilet after you will tell you that. Instead Air Wick has invented a pre-poo spray, and it doesn’t appear to be a joke, which you use before you lay a turd and it aides in alleviating the smell.

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Here’s What Happens If You Get Too​ Close To A Neutron Star


It’s probably unlikely that you’re going to get anywhere near a neutron star, but let’s just say you did because interstellar travel was suddenly made possible. You would then probably want to know what a safe distance was in terms of being close to one and would what happen should you get too near.

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He’s Only a Teen but This Kid is Already Building His Own Motorcycles


YouTube channel Petrolicious meets Haven Jarel, a teenager who lives with his dad in a warehouse rammed with custom bikes, and a huge amount of tools. He’s not interested in TV or video games, but although he’s only a teen he can already build an award-winning motorcycle.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time is relative. No where is there more proof of that than in how quick the weekend flies by to how long the week seems. And no part of the week seems as long as Monday goddamn morning. As a day it goes on forever, as a morning it last a life time. To help you get through it all, slack off a bit with the links below.

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A Pest Controller Has to Deal with a Unique and Troubling Infestation


If your job is to go around people’s house and exterminate unwanted bugs, chances are you’re going to bear witness to some troubling and nasty sights. But nothing can prepare you for what this poor woman has had to endure. Her house has become overrun with…musicians. Yep, in this sketch from Nocturnal Emissions they amusingly imagine a woman having to call the pest controller to get rid of an infestation of musicians.

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CARGO – This Zombie Short Film Will Have You Reaching For A Box Of Tissues


It’s happened again, those damn flesh-loving undead have taken over the earth in another zombie apocalypse. Which means no one is safe from turning into a lumbering cannibal seeking the sweet, heady taste of human meat. But one man has some precious cargo which he wants to save at all costs, even if he himself turns into one of the walking dead. You’ll be fighting back the tears by the end of it.

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Charlie Pickering’s Hilarious take on a Backpackers Crocodile Idiocy


When it comes to things in life you definitely don’t want to attempt, one of them is you probably don’t want to jump in a river full of crocodiles. There’s no need to explain why not because it’s obvious that it’s ridiculously dangerous. However that’s what a drunk young Australian guy decided to do in an attempt to impress a pretty British backpacker tourist.

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Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?


Many of us can’t function without consuming a morning cup of coffee on the way to work (or two or three), but ASAPScience question whether or not you’re actually doing it right—and so whether or not you’re getting the most out of it to kickstart your day. It all has to do with your circadian rhythm and whether or not you’re disrupting its natural flow.

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The History of Japan in 9 Minutes


If you want to brush up on your history of the land of the rising sun, but don’t have the time to read the entire Wikipedia entry on the country, then you could do worse than watch this brilliant condensed version by Bill Wurtz, where he lays down Japan’s past in a very entertaining and engaging way.

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