The Hollywood Formula For Wild Parties is Broken Down in this Hedonistic Supercut


Hollywood certainly knows how to party and this supercut breaks down the typical formula it likes to follow. Firstly it starts with someone proclaiming (usually very excitedly) that they’re throwing a party. Then comes the people turning up with the classic line “We’re here for the party,” then naturally things get out of control, the cops are called, and then it’s the morning after.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Gets an Honest Trailer


If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy you’ll know what an awesome movie it is, and so mocking it is a hard task which the guys at Honest Trailers are happy to admit in this their latest release. But they still manage to make fun of it, calling them Space Avengers and pointing out the similarity to Marvel’s other superhero team franchise.

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Christeene – “African Mayonnaise”


Meet Christeene, the kind of singer who will haunt your nightmares with his (her?) strange brew of attitude and makeup that looks like it was done in the dark in an aeroplane toilet on a very bumpy flight. And the style of music? Well, it’s all here for you to enjoy as Christeene goes around terrorizing the good people of Austin.

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A Look at Why Jackie Chan is the Master of Action Comedy


Jackie Chan is the undisputed master of action comedy and in this awesome video, part of the Every Frame a Painting series, Tony Zhou breaks down exactly why Chan is such a badass. It comes down to a few things, but timing and editing are key. Something Chan has a masterly grip of.

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Watch Eric Wareheim’s Weird Satirical Short Film ‘HAM’


Eric Wareheim takes a satirical swipe at America in this short called “HAM”, which features fast food, obese people riding scooters, people wrestling over a coveted item at a store, and eventually a gunfight. It pretty much sums up parts of modern America all in under four minutes worth of footage.

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The Moped Diaries – Funny and Poignant Short Film About Growing Up


A new bridge is built connecting a young boy’s island home to the mainland, and with it come new opportunities and challenges, but also questions that don’t immediately have an answer. The cosy island home where the boy has his first love and his family suddenly seems too small to hold him.

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Insane High Speed Bike Racing at the Ulster Grand Prix


It’s known as the world’s fastest road race and just a few seconds of watching this and you’ll see why—it’s a place where records are broken and legends of the sport have raced over the years since the race first began back in the 1920s. It also has the prestigious “130 Club” which competitors can join only after they’ve lapped the 7.4 mile circuit at Dundrod at an average speed in excess of 130mph.

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Counting Down the 20 Best Films of 2014—Do You Agree?


If, like most people, the Oscar nominations fill you with fury (most of the time) then you’ll be thankful for videos like this one—and if you’re a film fan but you’ve been too busy to take note of all the films that have come out this year, then this countdown should serve you well.

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eBay Christmas 2014: ‘The Joy of Giving’


Dust away all the glitter and the tinsel, put aside the turkey and the trimmings because Christmas is all about giving. That’s what makes it such a great time of year. Sure, some eggnog, or mulled wine’s great for a glass or two and everyone loves a mince pie, but there’s no greater feeling than seeing someone’s face light up after they’ve received a gift they really, really wanted.

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DJ Earworm Mashes Up The Hits of 2014 With Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, And More


Having to listen to a whole Taylor Swift song or Katy Perry track can be a bit of a chore, but when it’s part of a mashup of other songs from the year it can be a whole lot more bearable and easier to digest. Producer DJ Earworm drops his ‘United State Of Pop 2014′ remix, in which he mixes together 25 of the year’s biggest pop songs.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So here we are again, that same time of the week that fills most people with dread and bitterness. A time to scowl at your co-workers and avoid doing any actual work for as long as is humanly possible. And thanks to the internet that can be a very VERY long time. Like, all day. Heck it can be all week, if you can get away with it. So let’s start with the links below.

Athena Vs. The LP


The shock! The horror! This 13-year-old digital native is beside herself when her dad shows her an LP for the very first time in her life. She can’t seem to fathom why it’s so huge and why it’s got so little songs on it — well that’s the analog world for you! And don’t even get her started on the idea of having to put a needle on it to listen to the damn thing.

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