Hilarious DVD Commentary From Mock Horror Sitcom Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace


Way back in 2004 there used to be funny stuff on terrestrial television—sounds bizarre right? But it was true, and proof of that is this ace sitcom which starred Matthew Holness, Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry. The show was set in a hospital in Essex, UK which is built over the Gates of Hell, and is written by a fictional horror writer called Garth Marenghi, played by Holness who also stars in his televisual magnus opus.

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‘What I Likes’ | Pogo


It’s Saturday morning, so time for a little rewind in time a bit to the summer of last year when Pogo worked his remix magic on Mary Poppins, a childhood classic that you’ll no doubt have very fond memories of — the only way you wouldn’t is if somebody wiped memories from your mind. And this reworking of the film, including Dick Van Dyke’s terrible cockney accent, is what you might call catchy. Very catchy. One listen just won’t be enough.

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The Truth Behind That Super Freaky Emma Watson Unmasking Video


Back in March a mind-melting horror show of a video surfaced on the internet that looked like it showed Emma Watson being unmasked to reveal she’s actually Sofia Vergara in disguise (possibly a bit nsfw if you have a latex fetish). It was kind of freaky and weird and awesome in the same way that a Chris Cunningham Aphex Twin video will unnerve and compel you at the same time.

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Thai Life Insurance Commercial Celebrates Anonymous Everyday Heroes


You don’t expect to be getting life-lessons from a commercial, but this Thai advert about life insurance is inspirational and delivers a message we’d all do well to heed more in our daily lives. It follows an unsung hero as the people less fortunate than him that he helps on a daily basis.

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Does Ms McGarricle Exist?


If you’ve ever fantasized about having a relationship with your really hot teacher, even though it’s completely illegal, then chances are it remained just that throughout your school years. But maybe, just maybe, it could turn out like it does in this Adam Sandler movie ‘That’s My Boy’, where a young Sandler gets to make out with Ms McGarricle. You can but wonder if this scenario ever plays out…..But it’s highly doubtful.

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PostHuman (Animated Short)


If you’re a fan of the Battlestar Galatica remake, then you’ll be pleased to know that Tricia Helfer, aka Cylon Number Six, does one of the voices, and being a sci-fi geek you’ll also be intrigued by the premise of this short film, set in a world of espionage, assassins, and crazy super science, it follows a young hacker and his dawg as they aid a young woman in freeing an ESP held in a test lab.

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Pope Francis Recalls the Time He Was a Bouncer


Pope (Pachino) Francis is like a breath of fresh, totally badass, air when it comes to the Catholic Church—not only does he act like he doesn’t despise humanity but just listen to him recount the time when he was a bouncer and was forced to take down a couple of dickwads who were encroaching on his turf.

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Bubble P0rn: It’s All in Your (Dirty) Mind


LOL! This p0rn is all about your filthy mind, you sick degenerate pervert—and some highly suggestive but innocent bubble effects, which are put over the top of various scenes that make you think what’s going on is far more dirty than what’s actually happening.

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Adult Ravers


Sometimes it’s hard to let go of your youth, especially if your youth consisted of going out raving all night, banging pills and having wild times. Who wants those days to end? Nobody, that’s who. Especially not these guys who, while growing ever whiter of hair and lamer of dancing, continue to go out and rave-on like the best of them. So rave on, fair weekend warriors, rave on.

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Wealth Inequality in America


No one is disputing that there’s definitely a gap between the wealthy and the poor, and it only seems to be widening. But how much do we really know about it? This short film full of infographics looks at the distribution of wealth in America, showing both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is sometimes different to what we think it might be.

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Honest Game Trailers: Grand Theft Auto V


Los Santos, you probably know it well, a place where you can commit heinous crimes and terribly violent acts, then go kiss your children goodnight and not have to worry about facing jail time. Because that’s the virtual world of gaming for you, you can do whatever you like and not be concerned that you’ll actually a psycho because, hey, it’s just a game!

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The Killing Of America (1982) Uncut


Prepare to have your cage rattled by this documentary about the decline of America. It features footage of race riots, serial killers and plenty more to make your heart sink and your mouth gape. The doc argues that John Kennedy being assassinated in 1963 combined with poverty, racism, the Vietnam war, and gun violence was when the rot set in and since then it’s been downhill all the way.

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A New Roommate


It’s always exciting getting a new roomie, you could be about to meet your new BFF, a person you’ll be starting a new a lifelong friendship with that will stick with you until the day you die. But, it’s more likely you’ll end up with some freak who just pukes on you all the time everywhere you go. Life’s like that sometimes.

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Hiker with a Broken Ankle Tells it How It Is


Is this woman delirious? Her ankle is twisted the wrong way and she’s managing to film it and talk, when most people would’ve fainted and cried till their eyes fell out, but not her. She trains a camera on the broken appendage and gives a running commentary with some jokes. Bravo. For a moment i thought it might go all a bit Danny Boyle’s ‘127 Hours’ and she hacks her foot off with a nail file.

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Rhett & Link Star in This Rap Battle About Texting and Driving


Texting and driving is never a good look, and comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal of Rhett & Link face off in a rap battle about doing just that in the music video above, called I’m A Textpert. It’s a worthy subject but the video doesn’t force it down your throat, rather it lets it play out using megalolz and some internet celebrities just to show how down-with-the-kids it is.

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Enjoy This 360° Spherical Panorama Timelapse Bike Ride Made Using 6 GoPro Cameras


German photographer Jonas Ginter spent two years perfecting his “little planet” effect for this timelapse video, which sees Ginter creating a 360° world using panoramic photographs by taking numerous shots and then stitching them all together to create a spherical panorama. But to make it look extra special (and extra weird) he used 6 GoPro cameras to capture the footage which were supported by a structure he created using a 3D printer.

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If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate


Disney cartoons are not known for their historical accuracy, the horrors of history just don’t fit so well when you’re trying to make a joyful narrative that lends itself to young minds—without terrifying them. But Cracked have decided to add some truth to those Disney fairytales, which means the princess gets to sing and dance her way through a track about daughter-wives, baby corpses, the plague, bear torture, potty humor and other cheery no-go subjects.

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Mario Destroys This Guy’s House While He’s Out


Next time you make one of your rare excursions out of your home to go stock up on more snacks and alcohol, just be sure that Mario isn’t watching and waiting to come and destroy your abode when you walk out the door. Because that’s what happened to this guy, as the little plumber jumped out from his TV screen (which can happen) and then began to treat his house like a level from a Mario game. The utter swine.

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