Drug Bust Doody


Claymation auteur Lee Hardcastle tells a story about a drug bust, a drug bust that goes horribly wrong and ends in Hardcastle’s trademark ultra-violence that’s bearable only because it’s being inflicted in the medium of clay. If this was live-action we’d all be puking our eyeballls out already, just like these characters.

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The Empire Strikes Back Fanmade Movie is Hilarious


A few years back Star Wars was remade, shot-for-shot, by fans who each took a different scene which were then stitched together into a hilarious but highly entertaining version of the sci-fi classic. And now the second instalment of the original trilogy gets the fanmade treatment.

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Ibiza is the Spring Break Island of Europe


Ibiza has long been known as the party island of Europe, where ravers from across the world head to, partying all night and recuperating on the golden sandy beaches the next day. But because it’s no secret it’s also come under criticism for being too commercial and being full of unsavory behaviour, even violence.

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Key & Peele Get in Some Text Message Confusion—We’ve All Been There


We’ve all had those text message conversations where one of you is completely misreading the tone, getting yourself worked up because you think the other person’s being a total a-hole. Well, Key & Peele perfectly illustrate that in this hilarious sketch, which sees Key getting increasingly angry at Peele’s responses.

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Happy Mid Adult Businessman Presents


Take some stock video footage and add some darkly surreal humor and what you’re left with is this highly unsettling but hilarious video that you should watch immediately before you even take another breath, because it really does warrant your attention, the only problem is, after watching it you may need therapy.

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Fan of Creepy 90s Film ‘Event Horizon’? Then You’ll Be a Fan of This Making Of Doc


If you saw the abominable horror that was ‘Event Horizon’ back in the 90s, chance are its scenes of abject nastiness and hell unleashed will have been etched on your mind for ever more—this feature length documentary goes behind the scenes speaking to the cast and crew to find out how they brought this epic of space horror to the screen.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time is a relative concept and it’s non-linear too, so while you’re sitting at your desk this Monday morning just imagine you’re somewhere else, let’s say flying across the universe waving at comets and planets as you sail past them like some kind of cosmic surfer. Now imagine you’re back at your desk and you’re about to immerse yourself in some entertaining videos. Now imagine it’s lunch time. Now imagine it’s Friday.

30c3: To Protect And Infect, The Militarization of the Internet Part 2


Internet, you’ve changed! It used to be all about the aimlessly surfing around looking at weird, sick, depraved stuff with only your own conscience witnessing and being appalled by your actions, but now it seems that it wasn’t just your conscience watching your internet usage, the US and UK intelligence agencies were seeing it too. In this video it’s pointed out how companies like Gamma International (who make FinFisher) and Hacking Team are selling software to governments all around the world, which is then used to exploit their citizens and spy on their online actions.

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Most urban legends about boogeymen turn out to be bogus—a quick google and a glance at Snopes and their falsehood is sealed—but this documentary/horror movie, from Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio, shows that urban legends often derive from fact: the film begins by examining Cropsey, a New York urban legend, before exploring the chilling story of Andre Rand, a convicted child killer from Staten Island, and a mystery surrounding five missing children.

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Watch This Awesome Sci-Fi Short “Mouse X” by Justin Tagg


A guy awakes in a strange house in this mysterious and intriguing sci-fi short—after waking in a place he doesn’t know he has to try and figure out what’s going on, and it turns out he’s part of a weird experiment featuring hundreds of clones of himself—but why?

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Long Story Short – I Had a Movie Date


If you think your dates go badly, then take solace in this guy trying and failing at having a movie date with a girl he sits next to in his computer science class: rather than just relaxing and letting the evening progress naturally, he turns the neurosis all the way up to Woody Allen, and before you know it his date is making her excuses and heading out the door. Sound familiar?

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Asking Fake Questions at the Catwalks During Milano Fashion Week


If you’re going to head out to the streets and troll a certain type of people, fashion types are exactly the sort who would be an easy target, so that’s precisely what this woman does, throwing in curveball after curveball to these dedicated followers of the latest in sartorial trends.

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Shane Koyczan’s Video Takes on Trolls and Cyberbullies


Spoken word poet Shane Koyczan’s takes on the trolls in his latest video called, aptly, “Troll”—where he addresses the callous anons who hide behind their computer keyboards and take pleasure in being mean to others for no other reason than the thrill and power of being nasty.

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