We’re back at my favourite time of the week, time to get back to work and relish the happiness that, for the next five days, you are gonna be working for the MAN! GOD it’s a wonderful world! If you don’t share my whacked-out excitement for the occasion here is some visual medication to ease the pain!

  • Jessica Biel bikini time in Hawaii (i always preferred her in Blade 3)
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day – Dammit, i can’t believe i missed it again :(
  • Quarters in Belly Button World Record – I fear for all mankind!
  • Sarah Palin Battle Hymn – Soon to be playing from every street corner.
  • You NEED Retaphin! – Jon Lajoie has the cure for irrational condom hate
  • Mark Visser surfs a notoriously badass area of Maui, Hawaii. At night!
  • Steve Kardynal does ’shake weight’ in the gym – It’s obscene!
  • Uranus Self Anal Massage for Men – That’s right, you read it correctly
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