IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you noticed the Justin Bieber has been getting waaay to much internet coverage recently, i know some of it is lame, but come on. It’s getting to the point now where when i see a mention of him i no longer throw up. Pretty soon i’ll be listening to his songs and if that happens i’ll just have to kill him, like they did in CSI.

  • Feel The Force – Darth Vader Does Bieber
  • A Question For Bieber – Everyone hates Bieber, right…..RIGHT?
  • Tears For Bieber – Are you happy now Justin? Are you?
  • Justin Bieber FAIL! – Looks like Christmas has come a little early :)
  • Bikers Dance to Bieber – Something never meant to happen – EVER!
  • Not A Bieber Movie. But? – The Exorcist in 60 seconds. With Clay.
  • History Repeating – “Those who cannot learn are doomed to repeat it.”
  • The Bieber Movie: For Guys – Who needs a plot or character development when you have babes?
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