Watch Batman Vs. Deadpool In This Awesome Fanmade Shot Film


Prepare for a nerd-boner as Batman and Deadpool face off in this fanmade live action film, which sees Bats coming to the rescue of Catwoman who’s somehow got herself tied up and at the mercy of the Marvel mercenary. And it delivers pretty damn well, as we get to see the two fight it out in in some hand-to-hand combat.

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Key & Peele: Sex with Black Guys


Key and Peele eavesdrop on a conversation between two white women talking about having sex with a black guy, and it swings between compliments and backhanded compliments as the details how compassionate and in the moment and other they are and then follow up these with some casual racism to ruin it all.

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Jeff Bridges Finally Stars in an Ad for Kahlua


As The Dude in The Big Lebowski he put the White Russian cocktail firmly in the minds of film fans the world over, so you’d think Kahlua’s marketing department would jump on the chance to feature Jeff Bridges in an ad. Maybe he didn’t want to, until now. The drinks company have made a short film starring Bridges recounting a strange story to a barmaid, a story that features an actual white Russian cosmonaut.

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Kim Deal – Are You Mine [Official Video]


Kim Deal is one of the most important persons in music history. She’s Kim Deal by name, she’s a big fucking deal by nature—because anyone who can write and perform a track like Cannonball after being in one of the best bands of the 90s (The Pixies, duh) deserves all the accolades we can throw at her.Fuck all those Ladies and Gagas and whatever… if she had balls she would have been a Mozart and I’m drunk right now.

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Comedian Bill Burr Delivers Hilarious Diatribe on Steve Jobs


Bill Burr doesn’t really get why everyone makes a big deal about Steve Jobs—for him Jobs just told other people what to do and took all the credit while they did all the hard work. If you’re an Apple fanboy or girl you maybe find this hard to watch, but equally you’d need to be totally humorless not to laugh at some of it.

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Watch This Guy Eat A Whole Cactus If You Dare


Feeling hungry? Skipped breakfast? Then maybe you could snack on a delicious, totally appetising cactus! Or maybe you have a brain so you’ll not want to do this EVER. This guy doesn’t care though because he’s young and has an internet to impress, so he chomps away on this spiky morsel and then probably instantly regretted it.

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Short Film Looks at Cartoon Characters’ Lives Way After Their Heyday


Garfield, Roger Rabbit, Popeye, The Smurfs—if you were a fan of these characters when you were a kid, then you’ll find this short film imagining what their lives are like long after their moment in the limelight both depressing and hilarious. Garfield’s got really, really fat and so has Jessica Rabbit. And Mumm-Ra the Ever-living is now Mumm-Ra the checkout guy.

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Why Are Bad Words Bad?


If you ever wondered what the fuck makes a bad word bad, then listen up to Vsauce who explains that even the word “bad” was considered bad at one point in history—digging deep into the etymology of derogatory sayings and words Michael shows that words aren’t born bad, they’re usually led astray by the a tantalising mistress who teaches them all the wrong things.

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UNSPEAK – Words of Mass Destruction


In this interactive documentary, based on British journalist Steven Poole’s book, the manipulative power of language is explored. Merging filmmaking, data, technology, and design, the story of Unspeak unfolds across a series of short films, data visualizations, and a participatory dictionary. The aim is to educate the masses on the power of Unspeak so we can learn to start seeing it everywhere and fight the power, yo!

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Insane Anime Music Video Will Make Your Eyes And Head Spin


When it comes to creating Anime music videos YouTuber BestAMVsofAllTime lives up to his name. Because he’s the master when it comes to mashing together various anime that no one but fangirls and boys really know anything about ,and spinning them into an epic video.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time has ticked along and again you find yourself at the end of one thing and the beginning of something else. If only the two could somehow get along then we’d all be better off, but they can’t. The weekend and Monday will never see eye-to-eye because they are just too different, too at ends with each other. So if you don’t fancy facing up to Monday just yet, then check out these vids first.

Utah Saints – Something Good ‘08


OK, ready for a nostalgia overload? Because it’s UTAH SAINTS!! U-U-U-U-UTAH SAINTS! Just cast your mind back, it’s 1992, and you’ve not a care in the world except trying to emulate this guy’s moves on the dancefloor and show all your friends that you can do the running man, mainly because you’ve been practicing it in front of the mirror for about the last 4 months solid.

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Watch This Awesome Video of an Epic Nerf War Shot Like An Action Movie


Never get in a Nerf war fight with these guys, because they really take things seriously. So seriously that things quickly spiral out of control and before you know it, it’s full on warfare with them leaping across kitchen counters and letting rip Terminator machine gun-style.

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Jeff Bridges’ The Dude Rises Again In The Seventh Lebowski


Anyone who’s a fan of “The Big Lebowski” has been wanting to see Jeff Bridge’s character The Dude back on screen ever since the credits to that filmed rolled. But the Coens have categorically stated they have no interest in making a sequel to the movie, so there’s no hope of The Dude being resurrected. Well, not unless you count this video.

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