Parody Video Imagines How Microsoft HoloLens Will Revolutionize Adult Entertainment


When the Microsoft’s HoloLens video came out, everyone was rightfully excited by the prospects of what the technology would herald. It could revolutionize the way we Skype, the way we design, communicate, and interact with computers in general—but mostly, everyone was thinking how it will change the way we view porn.

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Astonishing Head Cam Footage Shows Bruce Anstey Breaking Superbike Lap Record at Isle of Man TT


The Isle of Man TT is the place to be seen for motorbike racers, so you can imagine Bruce ‘Almighty’ Anstey being super stoked about owning the superbike lap record at the 2014 event. The footage in this video is taken from his onboard cam as he whizzes to a new Dainese Superbike Race lap record of 132.298mph. And NO, this is not sped-up video footage, it’s the real deal and it’s frightening!

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“NFL 2015″ — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL


You probably don’t care what footballers are saying to each other in between games, so it’s just as well you can’t hear them. Plus it also gives the guys over at Bad Lip Reading the opportunity to put their own, much more hilarious spin on what the NFL’s finest are uttering to one another.

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The Best Dominos Pizza Prank Call Ever


If you want to cause Dominos Pizza chaos this is the best way to go about it—phone up on restaurant and place your order and then phone another store and put them on the phone. That’s what one mischievous prankster did to these two Dominos Pizza delivery places and hilarity ensues.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another weekend rolls by like some kind of cruel indication of what life would be like if you were rich. But you’re not, so it’s back to it for another week of incentivising, of idea showers, of getting your ducks in a row, of climbing that strategic staircase to pluck the low hanging fruit. And, of course, to waste time by perusing these links.

Human Test Volume 3 :: Love & Loss


If you wake up some mornings doubting whether you’re part of the human race or not, don’t be alarmed. It happens to the best of us, so you’re not alone. One way to help see if you are human or if you’re just some weirdo subspecies that has somehow passed through the net, is to take this simple test about love and loss and then you’ll finally know.

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Amazon Releases Pilot For New Animated Kids’ Show


Amazon has just released the pilots for six new kids’ shows commissioned by Amazon Studios. Launched in 2010 Amazon Studios enables anyone to submit a script online for review and the possibility of getting made into a pilot. Scripts can be for films or episodic series.

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Early ‘The Facebook’ Commercial From Back in 1995


The Facebook! Such a normal (and possibly infuriating) part of our lives now, but this wasn’t always the case, not back in the mid-90s it wasn’t. Back then it was about as alien as, well, an alien, which is why The Facebook used to have TV commercials to spread its word to the masses.

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Dashcam Catches Policeman Busting Some Sass To Taylor Swift


The Dover Police Department have released the first in their new series called DashCam Confessional, and this inaugural video features Master Cpl. Jeff Davis busting some moves and showing off some serious sass to Taylor Swift 2014’s summer smash hit “Shake It Off”—he even got a shout out from Ms Swift on twitter for his moves.

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Kevin Hart Plays a Gentrified Corner Boy in This Hilarious SNL Sketch


Three corner boys are hanging out, but something’s not right—and that something seems to be their topics of conversation. As Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart, and Jay Pharoah’s characters discuss their lives, you realise they’re talking like a bunch of middle-class hipsters. Artisan mayonnaise? Paint parties?

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Raunchy Deleted Scene From ‘You’ve Got Mail’


You’ve Got Mail was a 1990s movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that was pretty much just a remake of Sleepless in Seattle, but with email. It wasn’t really known for being sexy, raunchy or in any way interesting or entertaining, but all that changes when you look at this hot-under-the-collar “deleted scene” of Hanks and Ryan exchanging cyber sex talk.

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This Insane POV Footage of Freestyle Skier Candide Thovex Will Make Your Head Spin


Candide Thovex is one of the world’s best skiers and a master when it comes to freestyling down the slopes—in this incredible video shot with a GoPro we get a first person’s perspective of Thovex taking to the snow in the resort of Val Blanc in his native France, as he performs stunts and somersault through the air.

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