This Monopoly Dubstep Montage is a Must For all Monopoly Fans


Don’t try to make sense of this, or figure out why the person did it or how high they were when they made it—it’s not to be analysed just let it wash over you and fill you with pride at the game of Monopoly. It’s what the game needed—no, it’s what the game deserved.

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Watch the Best Goals From the Brazil 2014 World Cup in Flipbook Form


Just because the World Cup’s finished, doesn’t mean it can’t live on. So if you missed some of the awesome goals that were scored in the tournament, and you’re too lazy to search for them on YouTube, then you can see them here. Albeit recreated in flipbook form.

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Djesus UnCrossed Official Trailer || Ft. Jesus and Brad Pitt (SNL)


Saturday Night Live does the unholy and brings a Tarantino-style 1970s Blaxploitation vibe to the trial, suffering and death of Jeebus Christ. So that means the Son of God gets badass and once he’s been hung up to die, when he rises from the grave he’s not all Christian and forgiving, instead he takes violent revenge on those bastard Romans who entombed him.

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Short Film Made Entirely From Instagram Pictures


Art director Thomas Jullien decided to make a crowdsourced film using the seemingly endless supply of photos being uploaded to Instagram. The stop-motion short uses 852 pictures from 852 Instagram accounts to take viewers across the globe on bikes, planes, trains and automobiles set the tune of The Black Keys. Plus some sunsets, obviously.

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Epic Japanese Ninja Schoolgirl Rooftop Chase


Is this sh#t for real, how the hell did they do it? Two Japanese schoolgirls in the city of Atami, start shooting a video of each other on their smartphones and then, before you know it, they’re leaping off rooftops and backflipping like ninjas. Even using smoke bombs and ninja stars as they chase each other.

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The Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Recut to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey


Time for a little fact, i bet you didn’t know it was the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing yesterday (July 20th). And, while NASA may have grounded its fleet of shuttles, they do have a rover on Mars and most of us are still fascinated with the twinkling cosmos above. So to celebrate the epic event in history director Nick Acosta takes a moment to contemplate this heavenly glory while remembering the first time we put men on the moon, in a mash-up video that merges reality and fiction.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you’re feeling particularly tired this Monday morning, just remember that tiredness is a state of mind. In fact the entire construct of reality is a state of mind, so just imagine you’re on a beach with a cold one starring out to the crisp ocean gleaning in the hot sun. Or just watch these videos and forget about work for 10 minutes.

Getting High Injecting Snake Venom


Ever wonder what would happen if you’d spent your life injecting deadly snake venom into your body in an insane search for eternal youth? Steve Ludwin has been mainlining deadly snake juice in a syringe in a bid for immortality (or at least to live for a century) for most of his adult life. He’s been milking various snakes, rattlesnakes, monocled cobras, and some vipers since the 1980s. He’s now 46.

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Watch Awesome 1980s Action Thriller Runaway Train


It’s Saturday and that means getting some rest & relaxation, time to settle down to a good movie before you hit the town– While this may look like a cheesy b-movie, acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa actually wrote the original screenplay, at least according to Wikipedia anyway. It also stars Jon Voight and features Danny Trejo’s film debut. So if that isn’t reason enough to watch it instead of working, I dunno what is.

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Walter White Gets Launched into Space


In space, no one can see you cook, so what better place for Heisenberg, to go where no other methamphetamine manufacturer has been before! You may’ve seen those Walter White bobble-head dolls you can buy, that most likely end up in people’s cars. But mobile app service tvtag decided a car wasn’t good enough for their doll, instead they sent Heisenberg into space using a powerful balloon.

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‘The Hitch’- Christopher Hitchens Documentary


Whether you’re a fan of Christopher Hitchens, you need to watch this documentary. Kristoffer Hellesmark has compiled an 80 minute documentary chronicling the life of the late polemicist, blending archive footage, voice over and Kristoffer’s own visual flair.

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Darwin Deez – You Can’t Be My Girl


People happily laughing together, spending time with their families and relatives — what could be more innocent and splendid? Nothing, until a creepy guy with a perm comes along and just starts staring. And staring. And staring. Either he’s a troll master of lvl 100,000,000 or he’s completely dangerous and will cause you and your loved ones significant harm.

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How To Join The Illuminati


Long have they pulled the strings, sat behind the curtain shaping history and playing with society like it was but a toy. The low fat yoghurt conspiracy, faking the moon landings, the place where all your other odd socks go, the secret menus in fast food chains—the Illuminati are behind them all.

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“Hofmann’s Potion” – Albert Hofmann LSD Documentary


LSD has a lot of stigma attached to it, but before it became the drug that defined a generation of hippies and makes people act really, really strange at music festivals, it was used for scientific research in the 1950s treating conditions like alcoholism, various drug addictions and used in psychotherapy. But then the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 came and ruined everyone’s trip, meaning scientists could no longer conduct research (at least not without breaking the law). Scientists still aren’t allowed to use psychoactive drugs for research, though some are calling for the ban to end.

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Kittens Droppin’ Beats


When you think of dubstep you don’t immediately think of cuteness, but Corridor Digital have managed to do just that by combining kittens and dubstep to create a video where kitty’s leap about looking all adorable while thumping dubstep hammers away in the background.

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Watch Awesome Single-Take Short Film ‘Cólera’


Employing a variety of techniques filmmaker Aritz Moreno shoots this film in one long continuous take, as the camera moves about the cast and the scene keeping the action moving forward while racking up the tension. Right from the opening frame you’re pulled into it, wondering how it’s going to play out.

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Man Sings Rihanna on a Crowded Subway Train


It’s hard to know what’s more hilarious in this clip, the guy in the suit or the guy singing. While the guy singing gives not one single f*ck about what the rest of the carriage thinks of him belting out Rihanna while people are trying to get to work, the guy in the suits look like he wants his newspaper to turn into a gaping abyss and swallow him whole.

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Drugged – High On Alcohol


So you want another drink, do you? Think you could stop whenever you wanted to? Lets talk about it over a couple of beers – An alcoholic extremis attempts to rehabilitate himself in this moving documentary, but in a demonstration of how brutal and grim an addiction alcohol can be, in the end it shows him losing his battle to the demon booze.

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