I Thought I’d Had Enough Of Upworthy Headlines, But This Parody Headline Generator Changed Everything


Like a lot of people, you were probably caught up in the hype and ended up liking Upworthy on Facebook. Several months later their ceaseless fart of clickbait headlines that lead through to insubstantial articles made from the written equivalent of hot air, are now the bane of our newsfeeds.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence


The recent episode of the PBS Off Book series looks at those dastardly machines that’ll rise up and overthrow us so that we have to send someone back in time to impregnate a woman from the 80s who will eventually give birth to our savior and then who knows what’ll happen. We’ll have to wait for Terminator 5 to find out. In the mean time, watch this and fear for humanity.

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Honest Trailers – The Wolf of Wall Street


The most sweary film in the history of sweary films gets the honest treatment from the guys over at Screen Junkies—and they happily revel in the fact that it has a lot of x-rated language in it, along with x-rated scenes of debauchery and Jonah Hill’s schlong. Which people really didn’t need to see.

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Cute SD Card Micro-Mecha Robot Transformation


Memory cards, they’re robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store endless photos of your cat, but instead it’s a tiny robot with a jet pack that can run, fly, swim, battle magnets, is impervious to X-rays, can bust through walls like they were made of paper AND has a parachute. Surely it deserves its own Michael Bay movie?

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Automated Video Game Cheat Machine Made From Lego


Those free to play app games can be highly addictive—the sort of thing that consumes your life and makes sure your wife leaves you and you end up in squalor. But this clever guy has figured out a way to avoid such a terrible fate, by creating a machine from Lego and Arduino which plays the game, Jurassic Park Builder, for him.

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Aubrey Plaza Delves into the Dark Side of Ring Pops


The Parks & Recreation actor Aubrey Plaza looks into the dastardly side of Ring Pop, those popular fruit flavored lollipops that look like a giant diamond ring. Popular in the 1980s and 90s, the video reveals that, while they may seem like innocent fun, they were harboring darkness. Oh the darkness!

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Edith Widder: How We Found the Giant Squid


The giant squid, a majestic and beautiful creature – or as a monster? it’s long captured the imaginations of people, since way back when we were kids and saw the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea film with Kirk Douglas, and James Mason as Captain Nemo—OK, sure, it might’ve interested a few people before then too.

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Stand Up Comedian Chris Turner’s Amazing Freestyle Rap


Chris Turner may look like he’s a nerd who couldn’t rap for shit, but just wait until you see him in action. Taking suggestions from the crowd for subjects to use—the more unfunny they are the better—he then proceeds to make a rap from these disparate elements.

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Learn Some Smooth Moves With the A-Z of Dance


Do you know your Memphis Jookin from your East Coast Swing? Of course you don’t, but you’ll be a lot wiser of what moves you’re unable to bust on the dancefloor after watching this A to Z of dance from director Jacob Sutton, who’s captured some of the best dancers in the world shaking their moneymakers atop the roofs and on the streets of LA.

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2 Girls 4 Punches


As dumb ideas go, this is up there with the best. Two girls realised they’d never punched anybody and also that they might, just might, look good with a black eye. So what’s their bright idea? To punch each other in the face and see how that works out. No idiots were harmed in the making of this. OK, maybe just two idiots were harmed in the making of this.

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What DJs Do These Days (Spoiler: It’s a Lot of Button Pushing)


DJs have to train very hard these days—and they have to train one particular part of their anatomy, which is their index fingers. Their fingers have to be at the top of their game, at an absolute Olympian level of competitiveness and physical fitness so that when they finally get their overpriced asses in the DJ booth they can push buttons with an elite level of skill not seen since the days when Hungry Hippos was the toy du jour.

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Ultimate Car Crash Compilation


Prepare your “HOLY SHIT!!!” face because you’ll be needing it quite a bit over the next few minutes as you schadenfreude your way through this compilation of people driving so badly that new levels of idiocy. Maybe they should cut back on the GTA sessions, especially just before they go out for a drive somewhere, as they seem to be blurring the line between reality and fiction. Or maybe they learned their skills behind the wheel at the Hans Moleman school of driving.

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50 Cent Dubbed Over Jehovah’s Witnesses Telling Deaf People To Stop Fapping


Do deaf people masturbate too much? It’s probably not something you think about that often, but Jehovah’s Witnesses do nothing but think about it. Mainly because they are selfless individuals whose sole purpose in life (and beyond) is to help others stop touching themselves. So they brought out a video using sign language (lots of hand gestures you’ll know only too well) to tell them to stop with the self love already. So kind.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good weekend? Bed, Bath and Beyond? A quarrel with the wife about what color to paint the bathroom? Kids pestering you to take them everywhere and anywhere but where you want to go? Work is a sanctuary so why not welcome the new week with smiles and optimism. This is what your life has become. Try not to have a Falling Down moment. The weekend’s only 5 days away. But on the bright side you’ve got these links to enjoy.

The Gay Debate: The Bible & Homosexuality


Some Christians hate gays, most people hate those Christians who hate gays. Can we not all just get along in peace and harmony and hold hands and suck each other off, both gay, non-gay, man, woman, just like the rhesus monkey? Jesus was gay and so was God and so are you.

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Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy


It might not be throwback Thursday or New Music Monday, but screw all that, because here’s a blast from the past from the unholy alliance of Aphex Twin and Chris Cunningham, that is probably one of the creepiest videos to ever have existed—and even though it’s now getting on a bit at nearly 20 years old, it’s still abjectly terrifying and totally mesmerizing, as a group of kids with the grinning face of Richard D James run amok on a highrise concrete estate. DAFUQ?

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Hilarious DVD Commentary From Mock Horror Sitcom Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace


Way back in 2004 there used to be funny stuff on terrestrial television—sounds bizarre right? But it was true, and proof of that is this ace sitcom which starred Matthew Holness, Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry. The show was set in a hospital in Essex, UK which is built over the Gates of Hell, and is written by a fictional horror writer called Garth Marenghi, played by Holness who also stars in his televisual magnus opus.

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‘What I Likes’ | Pogo


It’s Saturday morning, so time for a little rewind in time a bit to the summer of last year when Pogo worked his remix magic on Mary Poppins, a childhood classic that you’ll no doubt have very fond memories of — the only way you wouldn’t is if somebody wiped memories from your mind. And this reworking of the film, including Dick Van Dyke’s terrible cockney accent, is what you might call catchy. Very catchy. One listen just won’t be enough.

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