Avengers: My Ultron Will Go On—Avengers Trailer Mashup


If you thought the original Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer wasn’t emotional enough, what with the gang looking all moody and despondent, then this mashup should make things clear. Gone is the creepy James Spader voiceover and unnerving version of Pinocchio’s “I’ve Got No Strings,” to be replaced by Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”

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Learn the Art of Lightsaber Combat at LudoSport International


If you’re a kid and your mom or dad asks if you want to train in a martial art, then just say you’d like to go to LudoSport International, an Italian combat school that trains students in martial arts based on the lightsaber battles from Star Wars. Obviously you don’t get to use an actual lightsaber because they don’t exist, but still.

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Watch Creepy Horror Short ‘There’s Something in the Attic’


Tis the season for getting spooked, so have a watch of this short horror film from British claynimator and director Lee Hardcastle. In it a woman hides out in her attic room, only to discover something strange living there—but it’s not that she should be scared of…

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Sasha Grey Reads Some Really Creepy And Explicit Text Messages


You’ll find it hard to believe these text messages are real, but they were found on the internet so they must be. The entire video should serve as a warning to anyone going on a date or freely giving their number out or looking to find the right person on Tinder. Basically, it proves that all men are perverts.

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Awesome Music Video Brings Your Favorite Album Covers to Life


The name Roy Kafri probably means nothing to you but after you watch the video for his song Mayokero, you’ll know him as that guy who had that really awesome music video which featured popular album covers brought to life. Using classic and iconic covers, from David Bowie to Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan, director Vania Heymann gets them all to beatbox along to Kafri’s track.

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Don’t Talk to Strangers


Your mother told you never to talk to strangers, and it’s good advice to follow even into adulthood — because you never know when you might be chilling by a lake and a shirtless fat man will appear from an island and start yelling at you about having his way with your mother. Then before you know it you’ll be hurling abuse and it’ll end with someone getting badly hurt….and the truth as to where your mom was last night.

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This Anime Music Video is Nothing But Good Clean Fun


If your idea of a great way to spend three and a half minutes is to watch a bunch of anime characters sing a song about a rubber duck while taking a bath together, then today is the day you get to do just that. If you’re aware of anime music videos (AMVs) then you’ll know the sort of craziness to expect, if you’re not then now this is as good an introduction as any.

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Elefante – Short Film About a Man Turning into an Elephant


How would you feel if you went to the doctors and he diagnosed you with a very rare disease that would result in you turning into an elephant? That’s what happens in this dark comedy about an everyday Joe called Manuel who’s stuck in a crappy job with a family that hates him and only one friend who he hates.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another day for you to rise up to the challenge of impressing the boss, heading for that promotion, outshining your colleagues, putting out fires left, right and center, bringing in new business, getting on top of those tasks you’ve left for too long, and grabbing the bull by the horns. Or, you could just watch these videos and be all dynamic next week. There’s always next week.

  • Life Hacks – You need these in your life.
  • Little Girls Dropping The F-Bomb – It’s all for a good cause.
  • The Unexplainables – Can’t. Even.
  • Wait For It – Just wait, OK?
  • Harry Potter Goes PunkIt’s magic.
  • Throwing a Pizza Into a Microwave Across the Street – Good skills.
  • Bill Murray Talks Tinder – Hail to The Bill.
  • Pikachu Goes Extreme Metal – Rock the f*ck on.
  • Old Man Owns Young Guy at Boxing – He’ll never live it down.
  • The Captcha – We all experience this.
  • Teacher Turns Professional Twerker – And earns a fortune.
  • Would You Eat These? – Insane burger concoctions.
  • A Spider The Size of a Puppy?Nope.
  • Queen of England Sends First Tweet – Watch out for trolls Your Royal Highness.

The Record Collector, a Satirical Short About Vinyl Obsessives


We all know that one tiresome person who’s just besotten with vinyl and cherishes their beloved collection (whatevs!) more than any human being they know. “The real reason you listen to vinyl is because listening to vinyl makes you better than people who don’t listen to vinyl”—and that quote from the guy in this short film pretty much sums up what self-important and oh-how-superior some record collectors are. So be sure, whenever you meet one, to say how great you think MP3s and digital formats are.

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CAM GIRLZ: A Documentary


Director Sean Dunne is a very talented dude who’s previously made some amazing documentaries on the ’subculture of Juggalos’ and underground country-music legend ‘Jonny Corndawg’, now turns his curious eye to the world of cam girls or “women who do internet sex work via web cam.” Dunne enters this NSFW world where virtual encounters take place in the respective bedrooms of clients and the models, and learns about this business while the women speak candidly about why they do it.

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These Little Girls Dressed as Princesses Dropping F-Bombs Is Entirely WTF


Firstly, before you start burning up with indignation and outrage, the backstory to this video is that it’s a feminist campaign that posits what is more offensive: the fact that women are still, in the 21st century, being treated unequally and subject to abuse and violence or some young girls dressed in tiaras dropping f-bombs?

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