Awesome Longboard Skate Video “Burn It Down” is a Must-Watch


In this video from Arbor Skateboards longboarder James Kelly bombs down the hillsides of the Western Sierras, near his family’s cabin, in California. And he manages to get up to some crazy speeds as he flies down the straight roads which, makes for an entirely mesmerizing video.

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WKUK – What About Mouthwash – Trevor Moore


The crap thing about being a teenager if you want to get drunk is that you have to risk being called out by the liquor store clerk, but the great thing about being a teenager who wants to get drunk is that, without the wisdom and cautiousness of age, you’ll pretty much drink anything you can to get wasted, like mouthwash or aftershave. So for all the underage drinkers out there, this song’s for you.

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Elijah Aaron’s Awesome Live Loop of TLC’s “No Scrubs”


Elijah Aaron turns the TLC hit into a glorious live-looped, multi-instrumental rendition which is a treat for the ears as the musician builds up the layers and gives the song a funky, laidback vibe—it will have you foot-tapping along on a nostalgia trip back to the late 90s when all this was fields and we certainly didn’t want no scrubs. Hell no.

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These Guys Climbing the Shanghai Tower is the Definition of Crazy


Wearing hoodies with masks covering their faces, these insane Russians climb 650 meters to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world. It’s so tall when they climb up and look over the edge, fog shrouds the skyscrapers below. But they’re not even at the top then, that comes later and it’s heart-palpitating to watch.

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Watch The Bizarre Korean Music Video For Hitchhiker’s “11 (ELEVEN)”


Prepare for a journey to WTF-land in this tripped-out music video for Korean DJ Hitchhiker, which features a silver dancing guy and CGI-psychedelic creations merged with real world locations for some truly strange sights. As well as being way up there on the freaky factor, it’s also pretty funny, because it has to be otherwise you’d lose your mind.

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Insane Climbing Video Compilation


Prepare to feel extreme anxiety for the well-being of people you have never met before as they play a climbing version of Russian roulette with certain death lurking in the shadows – But try as you might, it’s so addictive you will find it impossible to stop watching as these maniacs casually clamber about on top of towers or hang off ledges with only one hand and mess about holding on to the back of moving trains. It’s like fear for them is not an option. What the hell is wrong with them? What the hell is wrong with you? What the hell!

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The New York Times Takes a Look Inside the World of Longsword Fighting


The ancient art of longsword fighting isn’t just for Game of Thrones characters you know. A group of enthusiasts are resurrecting this Medieval practice in an annual event that showcases long sword battles, along with other historical European martial arts.

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The Rubberbandits – “Dad’s Best Friend”


The Rubberbandits take a trip to the Dark Side and set their music videos to freak out, with this latest track which features a tortured middle-aged man driving along in a car, telling his lively life story with tales of drug abuse, heating bacon in a trouser press and threatening wedding guests with antique swords, before things get really weird and creepy towards the end of the vid—I’m talking Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, nightmare-inducing creepy.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is the point of writing this, eh? Is it to inject some hope into you all that the next 5 days are going to be bearable, because let me tell you, once you have drunk from the cup of a Friday night and sung the songs and danced the dance of the weekend, you will never want it to end, let alone reach a day, a Monday, when you have to try and forget about all of that and knuckle down to something that will seem endless and depress the hell out of you. Oh well, hope that cheered you all up, if not here are some links that will ease the pain. Enjoy.

  • Work Sucks – Thank god you don’t have jobs like these!
  • Fat Girl’s Tinder prank – It’s a cruel dating world out there!
  • Make Out Photobombing – Letting society down romantically!
  • Male Pole Dancing FAIL! – Something isn’t right with this scenario!
  • The Dalek Relaxation Tape – A metallic voice to sooth you to sleep.
  • Dredd: The Musical – Because the Judge will do anything for a sequel.
  • A $295 Burger – It better come with some damn free fries!.
  • Best Marriage Proposal FAIL EVER!!! – Well, that ended badly!
  • Guy Skates Paris Metro – And it looks awesome!
  • Don’t Drink and Dance (DUI Stop) – So NOT right!
  • Thom Yorke unveils surprise new album – On BitTorrent – WTF!?!
  • Proof There Is No God – i knew it, i just KNEW IT!!!
  • The UNfappening – Arty iCloud Leaked Celebrity Nudes Scandal.
  • Man Has Over 100 Orgasms a day – I’m not making it up. Honest!

Jonah Hill SNL Monologue with Leonardo DiCaprio


Time to rewind back to the release of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and all the trite PR on TV chat shows, etc that actors have to do to promote the film, except in this case it’s brilliant. Poor Jonah Hill, there he is relishing his SNL Monologue and soaking up the limelight, when all of a sudden his co-star comes and steals it from him, like some kind of fame-leech.

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Help Me – Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U’ Know)


This sketch could go someway to explaining why Justin Bieber has flown off the rails in recent times and become another child star turned bad apple, mouthing off to the police and generally being an arrogant little shit. It’s not his fault, it’s his producer who’s paid his parents off, beats him with phone directories when he tries to leave and makes him stay the night with Saudi princes. It’s tough being a pop star.

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Everything Wrong With Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Cinema Sins are back with another one of their “Everything Wrong…” videos, this time getting their claws into the much-loved “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” which they didn’t much-love, much. So here they count down the sins they found in the second Captain America movie. And there’s a quite a few.

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