Insane Anime Music Video Will Make Your Eyes And Head Spin


When it comes to creating Anime music videos YouTuber BestAMVsofAllTime lives up to his name. Because he’s the master when it comes to mashing together various anime that no one but fangirls and boys really know anything about ,and spinning them into an epic video.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time has ticked along and again you find yourself at the end of one thing and the beginning of something else. If only the two could somehow get along then we’d all be better off, but they can’t. The weekend and Monday will never see eye-to-eye because they are just too different, too at ends with each other. So if you don’t fancy facing up to Monday just yet, then check out these vids first.

Utah Saints – Something Good ‘08


OK, ready for a nostalgia overload? Because it’s UTAH SAINTS!! U-U-U-U-UTAH SAINTS! Just cast your mind back, it’s 1992, and you’ve not a care in the world except trying to emulate this guy’s moves on the dancefloor and show all your friends that you can do the running man, mainly because you’ve been practicing it in front of the mirror for about the last 4 months solid.

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Watch This Awesome Video of an Epic Nerf War Shot Like An Action Movie


Never get in a Nerf war fight with these guys, because they really take things seriously. So seriously that things quickly spiral out of control and before you know it, it’s full on warfare with them leaping across kitchen counters and letting rip Terminator machine gun-style.

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Jeff Bridges’ The Dude Rises Again In The Seventh Lebowski


Anyone who’s a fan of “The Big Lebowski” has been wanting to see Jeff Bridge’s character The Dude back on screen ever since the credits to that filmed rolled. But the Coens have categorically stated they have no interest in making a sequel to the movie, so there’s no hope of The Dude being resurrected. Well, not unless you count this video.

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How to Fight a Baby


Lets face it, all babies are bullying thugs who don’t care who gets in their way, they have no mercy and never seem to get hit back – Fear their wrath! – The problem is most people don’t know how to fight a baby, but Gavin McInnes isn’t most people — he’s trained in the secret arts of baby fighting and knows their weak spots, like wind, but what Gavin doesn’t know is that babies have their own secret knowledge of an adult’s weak spots, like a finger nail to the eyeball for instance. Let the violence begin…

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Comic Jim Jefferies Gives His Opinion on Gun Control


This is sure to ruffle a few feathers as comedian Jim Jefferies gives his opinion on America’s gun control policy—or lack of. After watching for a few seconds you’ll realise he’s not really into people owning and possessing guns, in fact he thinks it’s a pretty stupid idea and he hates the gun nuts who are stopping the US changing its stance on them.

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Die Antwoord Made This Short Film Before They Were Famous And it’s Bizarre


Before Die Antwoord were Die Antwoord they were Max Normal, and as Max Normal they made a freaky short film called “Picnic,” which features Yolandi Visser looking incredibly young back when she was known as Anri Du Toit. Ninja, or as he was known back then, Watkin Tudor Jones directs the weird tale that centres around Yolandi’s family and the picnic bench they visit.

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Honest Trailers – The Walking Dead


Season 5 is nearly upon us so it’s time for some reflection and some piss-taking too, looking back over the first 3 series to revisit the ups and downs of the group dynamics, the zombie killing that went on and that didn’t go on, the fact that the entire second season was shot on a budget of $25 and to look at all the times they didn’t say the z-word, but used every other synonym instead.

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Two Guys Go to Ridiculous Lengths to Avoid Their Wives Hearing Their Conversation


If anyone had any doubts that Key & Peele are absolutely hilarious, then this sketch should offer them all the proof they need. The pair play two husbands who are trading stories about their wives and trying to be the big man in front of their buddy, while acting like they’re wives don’t say “Jump!” and they say “How high?”

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The Getaway – DieHard (Best zombie ad ever!)


Forget about Season 5 of The Walking Dead, just watch this instead, it has all the thrills you want from a zombie chase, and plenty of the braindead hordes clutching ferociously in the direction of human flesh. It even has a moment of betrayal, as any sense of moral obligation to your fellow human evaporates along with civilisation when the zombie apocalypse comes a-knocking.

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Listen to This Awesome Blues/Funk Cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird”


Are you sitting comfortably? Because you’ll want to be lounging to the extreme as you soak up the soulful vibes of this cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” by The Pali High Trio, who turn the fab four’s classic into a laidback delight. It’s performed by students from Palisades Charter High School, who deserve to reach as big an audience as possible.

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The Rise of Bestiality in Europe


VICE takes a look at the rise of bestiality in Europe and speaks with the people who practice it, including Oliver Burdinski the voice of ZETA, a fringe zoophile group who stick up for people’s rights to have sex with animals. It also looks at Denmark which is the only country in the world that permits bestiality legally, and how it’s failing to protect its animals.

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Polybius: Making Music with Old Tech


Sat at the bottom of a dry swimming pool, musician Julian Corrie conducts an orchestra of outmoded technology which replaces drums and other instruments with a SEGA Mega Drive, a Commodore 64, several floppy disk drives and old hard drives to create an awesome track, what he calls a “nostalgic farewell to forgotten friends”. It’s pretty short, but what there is you’ll enjoy.

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