Watch a Basketball Make its Way Through 24 Different Movies


A missed basketball shot is what starts of this basketball’s journey through 24 popular movies, movies which it has no right being in if it wasn’t for the post-production skills of HOTU, the people who made it. On its epic journey it passes by Henry Hill’s driveway, through Jeff Lebowski’s toilet, even into space.

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The U.S. Town With No Cell Phones or Wi-Fi


As hard as it is to believe at this stage of the 21st century, there is a town in America which has no cell phones or wi-fi—it’s called Pocahontas County in West Virginia and it falls within the National Radio Quiet Zone. That’s because it’s home to the Green Bank Telescope which measures radio waves throughout the universe.

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Watch Claymation Master Lee Hardcastle’s Insane Music Video


You may or may not have heard of London-based band USA NAILS and their track “Am I A Man Or Not?”, but that doesn’t really matter, because what matters is the WTF music video that accompanies it, which is made by British claymation supremo Lee Hardcastle. It’s bizarre.

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IT’S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well that was quick, wasn’t it? One minute you’re saying goodbye to your work colleagues and heading out the door for some post-office beers (and maybe some shots and tequila and who knows), the next thing you know it’s Monday morning and a new week is staring you in the face. Better check out these links while waking up over your morning coffee.

  • Makeout Photobombing – These guys are winning.
  • What Color’s Your Personality? – Take the test and find out.
  • T-Shirts You Should Never Wear – If you own one get rid of it.
  • Water Bazooka – Science owns this kid.
  • The Physics of Space Battles – How realistic are they?
  • Jimmy Fallon on Ello – Fallon weighs up the pros and cons.
  • Loop – Trippy sci-fi short film.
  • Bird Say F*ck You – This bird rules.
  • Fight Club Gets An Honest Trailer – It’s punch after punch of ridicule.
  • Guy Scares His Coworker – Only using Street Fighter II quotes.
  • Iggy Pop Talks Music – Take the money out of music.
  • Kid Smoking Experiment – Would you give a child a light?
  • Shia LaBeouf Recalls His Arrest In NYC – It’s a an epic saga.
  • Everyone Should Just Chill Out About Ebola – Shep Smiths says so.

Beatbox Brilliance: Tom Thum at TEDxSydney


Some people are amazing. This is Tom Thum and with just a microphone at his disposal he does some incredible things with the human voice and creates some amazing soundtracks of insane beats and mind-boggling sounds, including scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

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GREAT MOVIE CLICHES: There are Two Kinds of People


There are two kinds of people that like watching cliches about movies that include the cliche there are two kinds of people, and that’s people who think they’re are only two kinds of people and people who know there are only two kinds of people. So which are you? Have a look at the ‘There are two kinds of people’ video while you decide.

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Fight Club Gets a Brutally Honest Trailer


It’s been 15 years since Fight Club inspired a generation to decorate their room with the film’s poster and so Screen Junkies celebrate this by ridiculing it, in a friendly manner of course, and laughing at what a big bunch of contradictions and hypocrisy it is—which doesn’t detract from that fact that it’s an awesome film.

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The Walking Dead Intro Recut With Drunk People Is Hilarious


We’ve all seen them walking out at night, stumbling along the pavements, mumbling with a look in their eyes that sees right through you. They’re people who are really, really drunk and someone had the brilliant idea of cutting footage of such people with the title music from The Walking Dead. And it’s sublime.

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Friday Punchy Pics


It’s time for that ‘Friday Feeling’ as you slip into the weekend zone – Here’s another delicious dose of pictographic internet hilarity to help round out your week. Specially designed for the lazy web surfer, this gallery can be browsed using just your scroll wheel finger; simply scroll down, lol, then scroll down some more. Couldn’t be simpler!

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Immerse Yourself in the Bizarre WTFness of Tom Ska’s ‘Asdfmovie8′


Asdfmovie, pronounced ass-duff-moo-vee-ate, is made by YouTube comedy king Tom Ska—the videos are a series of bizarre internet-humor animated sketches and this is the eighth one in the series. If you were looking for some random lolz to come throw a curveball into your day, then this is the right place to find them.

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Drug Bust Doody


Claymation auteur Lee Hardcastle tells a story about a drug bust, a drug bust that goes horribly wrong and ends in Hardcastle’s trademark ultra-violence that’s bearable only because it’s being inflicted in the medium of clay. If this was live-action we’d all be puking our eyeballls out already, just like these characters.

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The Empire Strikes Back Fanmade Movie is Hilarious


A few years back Star Wars was remade, shot-for-shot, by fans who each took a different scene which were then stitched together into a hilarious but highly entertaining version of the sci-fi classic. And now the second instalment of the original trilogy gets the fanmade treatment.

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Ibiza is the Spring Break Island of Europe


Ibiza has long been known as the party island of Europe, where ravers from across the world head to, partying all night and recuperating on the golden sandy beaches the next day. But because it’s no secret it’s also come under criticism for being too commercial and being full of unsavory behaviour, even violence.

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